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Facebook Messenger App Contains Hints of Video Chat

Facebook's new Messenger app launched yesterday enabling you to set up group chats with your Facebook friends from a dedicated app. A little digging, has revealed several icons in the application which are for video calling. The discovery was made on an iPhone, but has been confirmed to be present in the Android version as well. Do we need another video chat app, or will Facebook's wide userbase help the late comer be the one we've been waiting for?

Fring lands on Galaxy S II, Droid Charge, and others

Fring is an interesting app that allows you to have group video chats with coworkers or pals across multiple devices and platforms. The app that makes all the video calling magic happen is available for iOS, Android, and some Nokia smartphones. Fring Mobile Group video chat app came out of beta back in late April. The app allows for video calling on 3G, 4G, and WiFi networks and users can call other Fring users at no cost.

Fring Mobile Group Video out of beta

Earlier this month, we reported that Fring was beta testing a group video app which would allow users to make video chat calls. At the time, the App was available by invitation only. Now, as of today, Fring's group video chat is now out of beta and is available for download. The Group video calling feature users to hold a group video chat with 3 other friends, even over 3G.

Fring Beta Adds Android and iPhone Group Video Calls

The iPhone has FaceTime, but you can’t call a group and have lots of video chatting pals on at one time. The other major VoIP platform Skype can't video chat with lots of folks either. A new beta version of Fring is out that will work for both the iPhone and Android devices. The new beta version has a cool new group video call feature.

Google: “Where’s Cee-Lo?”

Among all of the developer previews and Honeycomb showcasing, recording artist, Cee-Lo Green was expected to make an early appearance under the Google Talk name "The Lady Killer" today on stage. He wasn't online when Google went to demo video chat, so they had to resort to other methods of showing off the system.

Google Talk Video Chat Demoed at Honeycomb Showcase

Google is pushing video chat for the tablet market. Honeycomb will have video-chat built it with Google Talk. Something that has been quite overlooked is Google Talk's video stabilization. They not only developed this for a better end-user experience, but the technology will help with bandwidth, which will help great amounts when on a cellular network.

Skype Acquisition of Qik Completed

Qik has been an extremely popular mobile video chat, mail and sharing application since its introduction which leaves no room for surprise that Skype wanted to acquire the company and all their technologies. Now Skype has fully acquired Qik and all its properties now belong to the video chat giant.
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