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Verizon Edge device payment and upgrade plan confirmed

While the US carriers aren't ditching contracts entirely, there is a recent move to give consumers the option to upgrade often and not get tied down with long-term agreements. We saw T-Mobile announce JUMP, AT&T announce Next and now Verizon has confirmed Edge. Big Red is touting Edge as being an option for those who "want to stay on top of the latest technology."

Samsung Galaxy S 4 software update detailed by Verizon

Details of an update for the Verizon Galaxy S 4 surfaced earlier in the week, though at the time the update was only available for those willing to grab it using a Mac or Windows computer. Basically, it wasn't available over-the-air. Not to mention, there wasn't any changelog available and given those two points -- we suspect more than a few users waited to update. That said, that changelog has since been posted and we have the detail sitting below.