verizon wireless

Verizon inks deal to provide 4G LTE and 3G in NYC subway stations

Some of the NYC subway stations already have WiFi and/or cellular service available, however as of today that list will expand to include 3G and 4G LTE from Verizon Wireless. The carrier, along with Transit Wireless has announced that service will be coming "over the next several weeks." Those venturing into the subway with a Verizon device will be able to find coverage in any of the 36 stations that are already online.

Verizon HTC One revealed on newly launched teaser page

Verizon has yet to announce a release date for the HTC One, but it does appear as if they have just inched a bit closer to that point. A newly launched teaser page is showing the Verizon branded HTC One. While this page doesn't include the release date or pricing details, it does show a nice image of what we can expect in terms of looks.

Verizon HTC One announcement pushed till mid-August

HTC One rumors had been suggesting the handset would be arriving with Verizon Wireless on August 1st. That date had seemed just as good as any, as far as rumored dates go. But then Motorola announced an August 1st event for the unveiling of the Moto X smartphone. The Moto X is expected with a wide variety of carriers including Big Red and it looks like that may have caused the HTC One launch date to slip.