verizon wireless

AT&T launching first VoLTE smartphone later this year

Recent talk coming from AT&T points towards the first VoLTE smartphone arriving sometime later this year. This little detail was mentioned by a senior AT&T executive and otherwise, the specifics were left to be a mystery. There wasn't anything said about the particular device, aside from that it will bring VoLTE support.

Verizon HTC One Rumrunner S-OFF tool now available

Those sporting an AT&T branded HTC One received a bit of good news last week in terms of the Android 4.3 update. That update is expected to begin very shortly, however it looks like Verizon users still have a few weeks of waiting left. That said, a bit of good news for Verizon HTC One users has arrived this morning -- S-OFF has been released.

Verizon Wireless opens second chance enrollments on protection plans

If you happen to be carrying a Verizon handset without any sort of protection plan you now have an opportunity to get the coverage you need -- even if you missed out on that initial availability window. Verizon Wireless along with Asurion are currently offering a second chance open enrollment and those looking to sign-up have until December 2nd to do so. This includes the Total Mobile Protection and Wireless Phone Protection options, both of which include device replacements.

Verizon HTC One software update detailed

It may have taken Verizon Wireless a bit longer to launch the HTC One, however it doesn't appear as if they are going to let the updates linger. In fact, Big Red has recently detailed a software update for the handset. This one is arriving as software version 1.10.605.10 and although this update is on the smaller side, given some of the items in the changelog, it does appear to be one that will be worth grabbing.

Verizon CEO continues talking unlimited data

Coming by way of a recent investor conference, Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam has once again been talking about unlimited data plans. This of course, comes as Verizon Wireless did away with their unlimited data plan in favor of tiered plans more than a year ago. The end result here is basically what we have already been hearing from Verizon, which is that unlimited data is not sustainable.