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Galaxy Nexus Tips: Unlock bootloader, root, recovery, more

Now that many of us have a shiny new Galaxy Nexus in our hands, I'm sure many of our readers are looking for a few tips and guides. With this being a Nexus device this will be one of the easiest phones to unlock, root, and fully enjoy but we have all the details round up just in case. Below you'll find a few links to XDA, Google+ and more.

Motorola MOTOACTV complete users guide

So you've got this webpage over at Motorola that's telling you all about the new Dick Tracy watch, aka the MOTOACTV, a sports-centric Android device made to wear on a strap around your arm or wrist. It looks fantastic, but you want a guide from an Android perspective, one that'll let you know exactly what this device is and how simple (or incredibly difficult) it'll be to use. We just happen to have a guide like that here! And after the guide we'll have a full review of the device as well!

Prepping your video for your 10-inch Android tablet

The Motorola Xoom, for those that have one, you love it right. I know I do. I'm always showing people how fancy it is and all the cool things I can do. How amazingly easy Multi-tasking is with the panel chooser on the bottom. Even my iPad friends were like, wow that was easy. (One shouldn't have many iPad owning friends, they are bad for you). The other thing I'm always showing is just how amazing movies and tv shows look on the Xoom. Full 16:10 aspect ratio for a Full-screen movie sure is nice.

What to Get for my Android Phone or Tablet: 2010 Holiday Gifts Edition

SO it's nearing the end of 2010 and you've either just got an Android phone for a gift OR you've decided to spend that sweet holiday cash on that sweet Google smartphone you've had your eye on - what do you do next? I mean, you've got it, and you're looking around on it and you see some pre-installed apps and you've maybe seen what they can do, you've gone to the Android Market and you've glanced around and maybe downloaded a top free app or two... but now what? Let us show you the way with this seasons must-do list.

Android 2.3 User Guide Available Now

Today was the day we have been waiting for for quite some time, and although it may be a few weeks before many users get their hands on Android 2.3 Gingerbread, you can now look over the user guide until you are fully satisfied.

Droid Pro User Guide Available for Download

The DROID Pro, that will be available for pre-orders starting tomorrow, now has had it's user guide leaked to the net. The Professional grade device will be hitting stores on November 18th for $179, and brings a keyboard + touchscreen approach to the Android platform.

Samsung Continuum User guide now available online

Everyone is expecting the official announcement of the Samsung Continuum tonight at their media event "unveiling of a new Android device." But it seems they will not let us know anything that we don't already know. The Samsung Continuum has been a highly publicized device before it's release, and now continuing with the trend of openness, the user guide is available to view on Verizon's website.

LG enV Pro User Guide Leaked, Canceled by Verizon?

We haven't seen much of the LG enV Pro, nothing actually. With an expected released of November it's rare that a device goes that long without a major leak. Well now we have the devices user guide which hit the internet. However, just as we got our first glimpse of the device, we are hearing rumors that it has been canceled due to testers not being impressed.
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