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HTC One V available now from US Cellular for $129

We have good news today for those on US Cellular. As of right now you can now get HTC's latest and greatest budget smartphone from your local USCC -- the HTC One V. Announced earlier this year along with the HTC One X and One S the V is the smallest of the three, but still packs a great mid-range punch. More details from US Cellular after the break.

Galaxy S III confirmed for five major US networks starting in June

Samsung just sent out the news that you've been waiting for: the Galaxy S III will be available on all four of the US' big cellular networks, plus regional network US Cellular. The rollouts will begin in June (probably with T-Mobile) and prices on contract will begin at $199. Precise dates, prices and other details weren't mentioned in Samsung's press release - the individual networks will make their own announcements "in the coming weeks".

New evidence for the Galaxy S III on AT&T and US Cellular

At this point, the mystery of "will it or won't it" in reference to the Big Four US carriers is over: if you're on a nationwide cellular company you'll get the option to buy the Galaxy S III eventually. Today's leak shows Samsung's flagship heading through the hallowed halls of the FCC with AT&T bands, just as it did for T-Mobile. But wait a tick: there's good news even if you're not on one of the cellular behemoths, as the GSIII was spotted in an internal US Cellular system too.

HTC One V heads to the US this summer

T-Mobile's One S and AT&T's One X are grabbing headlines, but let's not forget about the junior member of HTC's new first family. The Taiwanese company made a brief press announcement today stating that the HTC One V would be headed to the US of A this summer, on "a variety of U.S. partners". No more precise date or pricing information is available, but the One V is well-positioned to be an excellent low-to-mid-range Android device.

US Cellular begins selling the LTE-equipped Samsung Galaxy S Aviator

Users of regional carier US Cellular, rejoice! You now have an option for an LTE smartphone, in addition to the Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet. The Galaxy S Aviator is now available from the wireless provider for $199.99. less a $100 rebate. If you happen to live in one of the few areas that US Cellular actually offers LTE service in addition to 3G, you can pick it up for $99. The phone will go on sale on US Cellular's website and retailers today.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 becomes US Cellular’s first LTE device

Verizon and AT&T get the most ink for their super-fast LTE networks in the US, but they aren't alone. Regional carrier US Cellular has been working on gaining a foothold for LTE in various markets, and the tried-and-tested Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 will be the first device to take advantage of it. The Android Honeycomb tablet is launching on the network's website and in retail stores today. The price is $499 with the 5GB data plan or $599 with the 200MB plan, both after a $100 mail-in rebate, but there's a special introductory price of $399 at the moment.
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