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US Cellular 4G LTE expansion details announced

US Cellular has announced the latest details in terms of their 4G LTE network. Included in this update are details about some new markets, some expanded markets and where things stand as of now. Not to mention, where they believe the coverage will be by the end of 2013. At this time US Cellular has 4G LTE coverage available for 61 percent of their customer base.

Motorola Electrify M Review (US Cellular)

The Motorola Electrify M recently landed at US Cellular, and with it we're getting a very strong feeling of deja vu. Despite the new name, we've seen this phone before, as its nearly identical twin – the DROID RAZR M – is currently gracing Verizon's shelves. The DROID RAZR M was a pretty solid handset, though it was somewhat overshadowed by the release of the DROID RAZR HD and the RAZR MAXX HD. Can Motorola keep the quality train rolling with the Electrify M? Read on to find out.
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