AT&T ups early upgrade fees for Android smartphones and more

If you are an AT&T customer that is ready for a new handset and aren’t eligible for a new 2-year upgrade and a full discount on a new device things are getting more expensive for you. AT&T is upping the early upgrade fee for many popular smartphones on its network including Android devices like the Atrix 4G.

Unofficial Gingerbread Port for Droid X Available Now

So Gingerbread has been announced and, as expected, we have not heard any dates for our current devices to be getting the update. We know that we won't see them for quite some time after the Nexus S launch, but many are eager to get the much anticipated Gingerbread OS on their devices.

AT&T ‘Early Upgrade’ fee now $200

We all know the annoyance of being bound to a contract for 2 years to be able to get a phone for a normal price, new (better) phones pop up weekly and by the end of a 2-year contract our handset is out of date. The only solution to this problem is to pay an “early upgrade” fee.

Download Droid X 2.2.13 Froyo Upgrade (For rooted users, for now)

The next release of Froyo for the Motorola Droid X has been leaked to the internet with instructions to download to your rooted device. The download is relatively easy and documented with step by step instructions thanks to the forum users Andrew, CellZealot, and P3Droid over at MyDroidWorld who made this leak possible.

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