T-Mobile JUMP program arriving with two device upgrades per year

It was looking like T-Mobile was going to unveil their "anytime upgrade" club today and they have done just that. The catch here, this is actually called T-Mobile JUMP and the details are a bit different as compared to what we had been seeing in the rumors. That said, the details of the JUMP upgrade club have come by way of the T-Mobile event from where the carrier had promised to announce their "boldest moves yet."

Verizon Wireless upgrade cycle increased to 24-months

If you happen to be a Verizon Wireless subscriber, moving forward you will be waiting a bit longer for an upgrade. Coming by way of a recent announcement, Verizon Wireless has said they are extending the upgrade eligibility to the end of the 24th month. For those not familiar with the current set-up, Verizon customers had been eligible to upgrade after the 20th month.

AT&T spectrum transfer to T-Mobile approved by the FCC

Yesterday we reported that AT&T was currently looking to buy up spectum for their 4G LTE networks. Mainly to prepare for what was coming today, which was the FCC's approval to hand some of theirs over to T-Mobile. AT&T will be transferring some of their AWS spectrum to T-Mobile as part of the agreement from the failed merger earlier this year.

Verizon upgrade fee isn’t as bad as it sounds

There is a lot of chatter and angry readers this afternoon regarding the news that Verizon will start charging a $30 upgrade fee for those looking to upgrade their smartphone. While I'm not a fan of the fee and don't like it one bit myself, it isn't as bad as it sounds and won't be going away either. I'll tell you why below.

AT&T lighting up 12 new 4G LTE markets this week

Well, it looks like the folks at AT&T are starting to realize they need to begin cranking out the updates for their 4G LTE network. Being way behind Verizon's rollout is one thing, but taking forever to add more is another. Today they've announced an additional 12 markets will see 4G LTE speeds starting Sunday, April 8th.

T-Mobile expands 4G rollout, talks about LTE in 2013

Now that the T-Mobile AT&T merger has been terminated they are looking ahead to 2013 and trying hard to get back on track. Last month they announced their plans to rollout a 4G LTE network similar to the current offerings from Verizon and AT&T, and today they've detailed more cities getting HSPA+ 4G starting today -- and their plans for the future.
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