C Spire PERCS device upgrade program unveiled

C Spire Wireless has become the latest carrier to unveil an upgrade program. In this case the program will be called PERCS and it is one the carrier is touting as allowing for "device upgrades that are simple, sooner and sensibly priced." To that point, the PERCS program will cost $20 per month (above your regular monthly service) and allow for a new phone every 12 months.

Phonebloks reveals a modular smartphone concept

Imagine being able to truly customize and upgrade your smartphone. We're not talking about colors like the Moto X, but actually changing the battery size, add a newer faster processor or more RAM and storage, or a better camera as technology improves. That's exactly what the Phonebloks smartphone wants to do. Getting it done is another task entirely. It's almost a smartphone made out of legos. Check it out below.

Verizon Edge goes live with detailed FAQ to clear any confusion

Verizon announced the Edge upgrade program back in July and it looks like it has officially arrived. A quick visit to the Verizon Wireless website shows the handsets being listed with the additional pricing. Basically, those browsing will now see a two-year agreement price, full-retail price and the Edge pricing. Perhaps more important though, Verizon has also offered an FAQ answering quite a few questions.

Verizon Edge upgrade plan arrival will not change current service prices

Following up the recent rumors, Verizon Wireless confirmed the VZ Edge upgrade program yesterday. That news had many comparing the Edge program to the other recent announcements from AT&T and T-Mobile. Those carriers announced similar programs called Next and Jump. The problem with the Edge program though, many have said it will simply be a way for those looking to upgrade frequently to spend more money.

Verizon Edge device payment and upgrade plan confirmed

While the US carriers aren't ditching contracts entirely, there is a recent move to give consumers the option to upgrade often and not get tied down with long-term agreements. We saw T-Mobile announce JUMP, AT&T announce Next and now Verizon has confirmed Edge. Big Red is touting Edge as being an option for those who "want to stay on top of the latest technology."

AT&T Next arriving with the promise of annual device upgrades

AT&T may have recently increased the upgrade eligibility from 20 months to 24 months, however they are now offering customers the option to upgrade every 12 months. This latest offer is arriving as AT&T Next and it looks like it has been designed to compete against what T-Mobile has going with JUMP. Not to mention, what Verizon is expected to offer with VZ Edge.
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