Droid Pro and Samsung Fascinate Receive Maintenance Update from Verizon

Today (and yesterday, apparently,) Verizon is pushing out a maintenance update for both the Droid Pro and the Samsung Fascinate. Both of these updates will not include any new features for your phone, but will fix a bunch of bugs (most of which I'm sure you never noticed in the first place. You can feel free to either wait for the update over-the-air or manually grab a download and install yourself.

Two T-Mobile myTouch Devices to get Android 2.2 Froyo by Feb 1st

Joy to the updates! It's hard to believe that there are any Android phone-like devices out there running anything under Android 2.2, but it's true. Today we receive news from T-Mobile USA that they will be shooting out the Android 2.2 Froyo update to two of their devices starting on January 12 (two days from now!) and ending on February 1st, 2011 - ending meaning everyone will have the update by then. Those devices are: myTouch 3G 3.5mm Jack and myTouch Fender LE. Is that you? Are you just so totally pumped up?!

Nexus S First OTA Update Today! [UPDATE: Maybe Not!]

This is the first over the air update to Nexus S and it's coming in just SIX DAYS after its initial release. This update brings the system up to version GRH78 and contains several important bug fixes and the latest version of maps. If you'd like to wait for the update like a Patient Patty you can do so, but if you'd like to get the update directly from Google right this moment, follow the instructions below.

Motorola’s Android Update Site Gets Refreshed, Doesn’t Look Promising

As Motorola has released more devices, and let them loose around the world, they've had one site that owners could visit to check on the schedule for impending updates to their particular handset. Covering devices that have released in the Unites States, and all around the world, it's a quick and easy way to see if your device is getting updated to the latest and greatest software version. Unfortunately, it doesn't always have the best news. With their latest refresh of the site, Motorola hasn't gone out of their way to make a lot of owners happy, and some devices look like they're going to be eternally stuck at lesser versions of Android (at least, officially).

Samsung Epic 4G Reportedly Being Updated to Android 2.2 December 26th

With the holiday season in full swing, getting a bunch of presents (or even just one present) is something to look forward to. It looks like Samsung is ready to give owners of the Epic 4G, the Galaxy S variant that released earlier in the year for the Sprint Network. If a leaked screen shot is any indicator, then Sprint is getting ready to release the Android 2.2 update in an Over the Air update, beginning the day after Christmas.

Dell Streak for O2 UK Update to Android 2.2 Rolling Out This Week

The Dell Streak, which launched earlier this year with Android 1.6 on board, has seen a pretty aggressive update schedule since it hit the market. Which, for owners of the 5-inch "tablet" device, is good news. It doesn't look like it's slowing down, either, as O2 UK has just announced that Streaks tied to their network will be getting the official, carrier-approved update starting this week.

NOOKcolor Getting Update to Android 2.2 in January [Update]

For those out there who purchased the newest eReader from Barnes & Noble, the NOOKcolor offers up plenty of options out of the box, but for those who think outside of the box, the device has an almost unlimited potential. And that's all thanks to the Android platform ticking away under the hood. While we've already seen Android 2.2 hacked onto the device, it looks like Barnes & Noble is confident in their update strategy, to confirm that the eReader will be seeing the official update in just a matter of weeks.

Brand New Android Marketplace User Interface Available NOW (via ripped APK)

Of course, not officially, as it was just announced last night and said to be available within the next couple weeks, but a good XDA Developer will never let you down, right? For sure. So what they've done over there is no less than rip the APK for this new layout and make it available for everyone RIGHT THIS MINUTE. It currently only functions on stock Android 2.2 Froyo devices, and implements such features as a brand new lovely look and a 15 minute refund limit.

Android 2.3 Gingerbread Update Confirmed by HTC (sort of)

When asked by Marc Chacksfield of TechRadar wheather or not they'd be updating (specifically) their HTC Desire HD device to Gingerbread, HTC has stated they'd be updating a number of their devices. Does this mean that the Desire HD will be getting the update, or that because they didn't name it specifically, it'd be left out? Either way, "a number of devices" is exciting.

Sweet FRG83D Update for DROID A855 from Verizon

Oh man I know you love updates, why not download one today? Courtesy of Verizon you'll receive your very own updated Twitter with new authentication support, updated Amazon widget, updated News & Weather widget, and a brand freaking new added Gmail user interface. What more could you want? Oh you want improvements to Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync? Well there's that too, including handing of server-side inactivity timeouts of 34 minutes or greater, continuation of syncing of emails after a policy refresh, and support for Exchange 2010 connections. Such a bunch of freshness!
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