T-Mobile Boosts 4G HSPA+ 42Mbps Coverage: Adds 47 New Markets

Today T-Mobile announced that they are quickly adding more and more to their 4G HSPA+ Network. To help give you a little incentive to jump aboard with their 4G service they are now boosting speeds on over 47 current 4G markets and now will have over 100 markets on their blazing fast HSPA+ 42 Network. Starting today San Diego, Fresno, Salt Lake City and many others are among the locations getting 42Mbps HSPA+ support added and more coming shortly.

Droid X Gingerbread Update happening today

Droid X users are starting to get the official Gingerbread update today, but users who want to root their phones may want to think twice. The new update is version 4.5.588, and according to reports, the devil is in the details as to what it brings. It seems that Motorola may be quietly replacing the Droid X bootloader with a locked down version and users will have no way to revert back to the previous version. As if that wasn't enough, the fact that Motorola and Verizon are quietly performing the update with no notice is just plain devious.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Software Update EC02 Pushing Now

Grab yourself a big fat update for your beloved Samsung Galaxy Tab today with the instructions and knowhow provided in this post you're inside, right now! This isn't an update to Android (aka you're not going Gingerbread here,) but you will experience some small updates that'll make your life a whole lot neater. A few items for Web Browsing and Data Access, a few items for Email and Messaging, and a short list of additional device features.

HTC Desire to get Gingerbread sooner rather than later

Back in February, we reported that HTC was bringing Gingerbread to their HTC Desire line in the second quarter. Well it looks like they're ahead of schedule, at least in Europe, because a representative from ThreeUK has tweeted that they've begun testing Gingerbread today for the HTC Desire and should have it would at the end of the month or early next. That could make a sunny Spring for Brits who were looking to wait until at least summer for their gingy goodness. The update also looks to be coming to Desire owners in Sweden around the same time.

Google App Inventor March 31st 2011 Update

It's update day over at Google's App Inventor office, and the list of improvements is a LONG one. For those not in the know, App Inventor is an application created by Google to assist developers in creating apps for their Android mobile OS. This application allows users to create apps in as simple as a drag-and-drop type manner, creating an environment where it's not only easy to create apps, it's totally fun as well! Behold a big fat update!

Motorola ATRIX 4G OTA Software Update 4.1.57

All of you dual-core wielding Motorola ATRIX 4G slinging bandits out there can be joyous of the day, for today you receive a software update totaling in at 17MB that'll update your system to 4.1.57. This update brings a few changes you'll be sure you love including improvements in Bluetooth, your fingerprint reader, battery life, screen features, phone stability, and your car dock connecting via 3.5mm jack. Sound good? Grab it!

Samsung Fascinate Update Axes SD Card Mounting

So you updated your phone a couple of days ago on your Samsung Fascinate, the update pushed out by Verizon, right? Have you tried to mount your SD card as a mass storage device to your desktop? Good luck! Users in several forums are noting a problem doing so, saying now that any attempt to mount their SD card ends up with no luck to be had.

Droid Pro and Samsung Fascinate Receive Maintenance Update from Verizon

Today (and yesterday, apparently,) Verizon is pushing out a maintenance update for both the Droid Pro and the Samsung Fascinate. Both of these updates will not include any new features for your phone, but will fix a bunch of bugs (most of which I'm sure you never noticed in the first place. You can feel free to either wait for the update over-the-air or manually grab a download and install yourself.

Two T-Mobile myTouch Devices to get Android 2.2 Froyo by Feb 1st

Joy to the updates! It's hard to believe that there are any Android phone-like devices out there running anything under Android 2.2, but it's true. Today we receive news from T-Mobile USA that they will be shooting out the Android 2.2 Froyo update to two of their devices starting on January 12 (two days from now!) and ending on February 1st, 2011 - ending meaning everyone will have the update by then. Those devices are: myTouch 3G 3.5mm Jack and myTouch Fender LE. Is that you? Are you just so totally pumped up?!
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