Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo to receive Lollipop update soon

Earlier this year, owners of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo were given the good news that even though their device was on the lower end of the spectrum, they will still be given an upgrade to Android 5.0 Lollipop. Well, half of the year is almost done and yet there is still no confirmation if this is still pushing through or when will it arrive. Well, a recent tweet from Samsung Netherlands reaffirms that it will indeed arrive, but as to when it will be updated is still the question mark.

YouTube update: permanent cast button, maybe audio-only download soon

A new update that will soon arrive on your YouTube app (but is already available through APK) brings a few minor changes to the way it looks on your mobile devices, including icon changes and the appearance of a button that is both useful (for those who have Chromecast or Android TV) and useless (obviously for those who don't). But what's even more exciting is that there is a possibility that a much requested feature may come to us soon.

AlarmDroid: Material Design, new controls, obstacles to stop alarm

Waking up to alarm clocks is one of the most challenging things to do, especially for people who are not used to waking up early. You have to find more inventive ways to get yourself up and running, and some apps are there to help you out in this "endeavor". AlarmDroid is a simple but effective (we hope so!) of waking you up when you need to, and the latest update to the app makes things even better.

OnePlus One gets another touchscreen firmware update

OnePlus surprised the mobile industry by introducing OnePlus One that ended up as one of the top and most popular smartphones in 2014. It was initially offered by invitation only but the company recently made it available for everyone. The brand even went through some challenges and legal battles the past months especially in India, no thanks to Cyanogen making an exclusive contract with Micromax despite an earlier agreement with OnePlus. So the two tech companies went head-to-head in India but good thing that chapter is almost over.

Firefox 38: new UI, Lollipop support, Ruby annotation

The Mozilla Firefox browser continues to be one of the more popular options, whether it's the desktop or mobile versions. The newest update to the Android version brings a few changes, most of them visual, as well as a few minor but important features that will make browsing on your smartphone or tablet a little bit easier. And with a lot of websites now having optimized mobile versions (with some even making mobile a priority), it's crucial that browsers give users a better experience.

HTC One M7 Verizon users to finally get Android Lollipop

The darling of HTC's eye may currently be their new flagship, the One M9, you still can't discount the original One M7, which some users still swear by. However, if you're a Verizon subscriber, one of the drawbacks to having this "classic" handset is that you're still stuck with the previous Android KitKat update, while you see users from other carriers enjoying their upgrade. Well, the wait is now over, as Verizon has announced that Android 5.0 Lollipop is finally arriving for HTC One M7 owners.

Turbo Editor update brings ad free version

Anyone looking for an open source text editor that will run on Android devices may want to check out Turbo Editor. The app has recently been updated and added in some new features that make it more usable. The update brings the app to version 2.0.1.

Meerkat is now officially out of beta for Android

We still haven't heard a peep from Twitter's Periscope since they said they're working on it (that was last month), but its arch rival Meerkat is several steps ahead of them in the Android market. Just a few hours ago, they announced that the live video streaming app is finally out of beta and is officially live on the Google Play Store. The developers have been pretty fast in moving the app from the testing stage to beta and out of it in just a span of a few weeks.

BLU Products to upgrade to Android 5.0 in the next few months

If you're a fan of the US-based unlocked mobile phone manufacturer BLU Products, or if you own any of their budge smartphones, then you'll be pleased to know that they have announced that several of their devices will be upgraded to Android 5.0 Lollipop. The members of their Studio X series that launched just last January are the first out the door, to be followed by some of their newer devices as well.

Swift Remote app update adds auto server discovery

Android users who want to be able to control their PC and other devices from their smartphone may be familiar with the Swift Remote app. The app has been updated with several new features that will make it easier to connect and use. The new version of the app is v1.2.0 and is available for download now.