Learn more about places with Field Trip’s Android Wear support

If you haven't yet discovered the joys of having the Field Trip app on your smartphones, now you can start receiving info about all the cool facts and tidbits in your area through your wrists. The Google-powered app has now included support for Android Wear, receiving the same features that you receive on your Android smartphone from the app, but optimized for your wearable device.

Table Tennis Touch update: 4,000 more devices you can play it on

Do you think you're a world-class table tennis player by now? Well, at least, by digital standards, if you've been "practicing" (playing) really hard on that Android game we told you about a few weeks ago. Table Tennis Touch is a critically acclaimed game that has just gotten an update that can add even more people to its roster, fixing some of the things that went slightly wrong with its first release last month.

Any.do 3.0 puts the todo app back in the running

You'd think that todo lists, simple as they are in concept, would be equally easy to get right in implementation. And yet the myriad of todo apps floating around proves otherwise. It hard to perfect such an app but few have come quite close. Any.do, which began its life on the iPhone, was one of those but sadly it slowed down its pace after some period success. With the latest update, however, that brings the app to a 3.0 version, Any.do not only gets a fresh new look but a fresh new chance to become big again.

Chrome for Android 42: notifications site updates, add sites to homescreen

If Chrome for Android is your default mobile web browser and you frequent several websites often, this latest update to the app would make life easier for you. Version 42 of Google's browser brings a feature where you can opt to receive notifications when certain websites have updated their content. It also gives users the option to add certain websites to their homescreens, so they don't need to keep typing the url on the address bar.

Google Drive, Google Docs for Android receive updates

It's Wednesday, so you know that one or two (or all!) of your Google products will probably receive an update today. This week, among the new goodies that they've given us is some enhanced features for Google Drive and Google Docs. Working from your Android mobile device is a reality that a lot of us are living with now, and we often need functions that are just available for desktop versions. But the newest update has brought these to these work-related apps.

Slack brings all team communication in one place

There are a lot of instant messaging apps available for businesses today. It's not just Skype and Hangouts being used in the offices as there are other newer and better solutions ready for download on your desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile phone. One of those making the world smaller than ever is Slack. It's a new messaging program that is easily accessible from any device.

WhatsApp update: Material Design, better layout, new icons

It may be a little late to the party, but from the looks of it, the wait may be worth it. Popular messaging app WhatsApp has finally received a Material Design make-over as well as a much-improved layout and new icons. The update actually hasn't rolled out yet, but the APK is already available, in case you can't wait to see the effect the changes will have on the way you communicate with your friends.

CloudMagic update: better compose layout, drafts now supported

There are a lot of email apps out there to help you communicate with people while on your mobile devices. While a lot of people use Gmail, Inbox, Mail, or even their device's native email app, there are still some out in the market that have great features and may even be better than the bigger named apps we mentioned. One of those that have received rave reviews from Android users and tech enthusiasts is CloudMagic. Their latest update makes the compose page better and adds support for drafts as well.

Flynx app hits version 1.1.0

If you aren’t familiar with the Flynx app, it is designed to make it easier to read all the links from your favorite sites in one place. It can open links from places like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Google+, and others.

Google Play Services updated with Trusted Voice

We didn't miss the Google Play Services 7.0 update but we're only noticing some new stuff in there. One of which is Trusted Voice that is actually a new smart lock entry feature. It allows voice control or voice command to unlock any Android device. It's a nice update but the full setting required wasn't easily accessible and visible in the app during the initial release.