Skype update gives you more ways to “express yourself”

One of the things that can be annoying for some apps, particularly those that we use for messaging and calling, is that you have no choice but to stick with their default tones. Yes there are some choices available, but what if you wanted to use your own sounds? The latest update for Skype now gives you more options to personalize some aspects, along with some other additional fixes and improvements.

LINE Lite now available in other regions, countries

If you feel like you need a semblance of space on your device or if your data is not that fast enough anyways to get the impact of the full version, then LNE Light version may just be for you. Today they announced that the light version of the highly popular messaging app, not just in areas where Internet infrastructure isn’t that great, but in all countries in the world, except for a few countries and regions for one reason or another.

Google News adds seven more language editions to its roster

While Google News may not be the most popular news aggregating app out there, it does have its followers and user base, mostly those who are highly dependent on the whole Google ecosystem. If you are from any of the new countries added to its roster, then you’ll be pleased to know that they are adding support for your native language, bringing the total number of supported languages to 35.

Google finally gives Hangouts its own webpage

The battle of the free messaging apps has received another interesting turn of events. While Viber, WhatsApp, Snapchat, LINE, etc have been making lots of updates and adding new features, Google would like to tell you that their own messaging app isn’t giving up just yet. In fact, with this latest move, they might even be giving the frontrunners a huge scare. That’s because Hangouts has now received its own webpage, away from Gmail or Google+.

Drupe finally has own dialer in latest update to contacts app

More often than not, Android users aren’t really satisfied with their device’s default contacts app. It seems like OEMs don’t really want to put much effort into making it as functional or as beautiful as other aspects of the smartphone. Good thing we can turn to 3rd party apps to help us have a better messaging and calling experience. Drupe is one of those, and in the latest update to the app, it now solves the previous problem of not having its own dialer.

Fleksy update: suggested emojis, deep links

When you talk to your friends on your various messaging apps, you sometimes discuss the latest single from your favorite artist or what’s happening at your favorite nightspot this weekend. You would have to leave your chat, google for the info that you want, and then go back and tell them all about it. But the latest update from virtual keyboard Fleksy lets you discover new info about your topic without having to go to a different app to find it.

Skype for Business apps now on preview for Android devices

Gone are the days when all the people you need to meet with for work are actually located at your office (unless you work in a very traditional one). More often than not, the people you need to conference with are in different parts of the city, the country, or even the world. And while Skype is a good way to make free video calls, of course it isn’t very “professional” sounding or looking. That’s why they’re now introducing a preview of Skype for Business.

Rdio now offers live broadcast radio together with its streaming service

While most people who listen to music on their mobile devices probably either listen to the files saved on their gadget or use music streaming apps, for some people, the appeal of live broadcast radio programs never grow old. If you’re one of those people, then you better get yourself on Rdio as they are now offering over 500 live broadcast radio shows coupled with their on demand music streaming. Who says you can’t do both?

Samsung adds more compatible devices to Game Recorder+

It seems that recording yourself while playing a game has become a continuing trend among mobile gamers. It started out with someone filming the gamer, complete with reactions (hopefully unscripted), commentary and all. And then apps that are specific to this purpose came along, bringing a bit of sophistication to the recording. Then OEMs started making built-in apps for game recording, including the newer models of Samsung. Now their Game Recorder+ has been updated to include more devices and optimized performance as well.

Parallels Access now allows new file sharing service in any size

The Parallels Access app recently received an update to allow large file sharing even without any cloud service. This also improves uploading time of different files, big or small in size. With the app, you can easily manage your files right from the desktop agent, as well as, use easy native touch gestures on mobile devices. With Parallels Access, remote connection to your home or work computer is made faster and easier from wherever you are.