Amazon Shopping updated with voice control, now available in Mexico

Amazon recently updated its Shopping app to well...make your shopping experience better. Those who regularly use the app to solve their shopaholic problems will be glad to know that there are new features and some major changes that will benefit them. For one, the app is now available in Mexico. If you're in that country, you are free to shop on the app to your heart's content.

Plex app receives a lot of Material Design goodness

We've lost count of how many Android apps have been updated with Material Design in mind but the number is probably a big percentage of the apps in Google Play Store already. One of the popular ones receiving a late makeover is Plex. The app regularly gets an update but it's only now that it's getting some Material Design love.

Inbox by Gmail lets you snooze email to relevant dates

If your email inbox is a hotbed of meetings, airplane tickets, hotel reservations, restaurant reservations, rental car reservations, and all other kinds of reservations, then your life would be so much easier if you used Inbox by Gmail (if you don’t have it yet). Especially now, since the latest update to the app lets you snooze specific emails to the time when they will be most relevant to you, instead of letting it drown with all the other emails in your inbox.

TapDeck goes out of beta and into Material Design, new features

A few months ago, we told you about this new live wallpaper app called TapDeck that gave you more than just pretty pictures on your smartphone. Even though it was still in beta then, a lot of people found the app informative and enjoyable. Now, the good news is that it’s finally going out of beta, and along with it, the developers are bringing more features to the app, including a Material Design look, and a better way of sharing the wallpapers you enjoy the most to other people.

Convo mobile update: user-friendly redesign, improved features

There are a lot of messaging apps in the market now, but most are created for social interaction purposes like talking to friends, meeting new people, etc. Then there are the few apps that are meant for work collaboration. One of them is Convo, and the latest update to its mobile app brings features that previously were only available for the web and desktop versions, including a redesigned interface that is more intuitive and user-friendly, plus other small but significant features that make communicating on the go easier for your team.

Paid content on Google Play Newsstand now in four more countries 

Google Play Newsstand may not be the most popular of Google products, but still, news of updates or additional countries that can access it is still worth noting. Today, the news is that people living in the Philippines, Poland, Taiwan, and Ukraine will now be able to access paid content on the Newsstand, like magazines, newspapers, etc. While before they could only browse through the news items in various categories, now they can actually buy and subscribe to all these paid content available.

Google Map Maker edits to be available again by August

Was it just a few months ago when Google pulled the editing ability for its Map Makers due to some stupid users who made “attacks” (and some racist ones too) on the poor, hapless longitudes and latitudes? Well, hopefully, Google has managed to get things under control because they just announce that they be reopening Map Maker for edits starting this August. But they will be doing so with a new model, with some moderation still being done by Google operators, but now giving freedom to regional mappers as well.

Skype remembers log-in details, previews web links in latest update

Skype continues to battle it out with other messaging apps in the market. Even though it was one of the earliest to get into free online messaging, other players like Viber, Snapchat, LINE, etc, have made quicker strides in terms of popularity and bringing new features. But that doesn’t mean Skype is out of the game yet. The latest update brings users a few minor tweaks, including an easier way to log in again, and bringing preview to web links in messages.

Sonos Software updated to version 5.4

More sound enhancements and and music experience upgrades are delivered by the latest Sonos software update. We're now on the 5.4 version and just like the previous one (Sonos 5.3), this version brings a slew of improvements and changes to this smart system of audio components and High Fidelity (HiFi) wireless speakers whether for your home or the office.