Inbox now available for everyone, with new features to boot

If you're one of those who were longing to get an Inbox invite so you could use the other Gmail app that people have been talking about, you don't need to wait anymore. Google has opened up the mobile email app to the public, and has even added the most requested features from those who were lucky enough to get the invite and have been using it since October. So now, you can use Inbox to make it easier to sort through and group together your Gmail, whether on mobile or on desktop.

Netflix Android app now supports 4K, Dolby Digital Pass

The new high-end TV industry standard, 4K, may not be that popular yet, given the limited devices that can support it (just for now, hopefully), but eventually, most brands will probably get on board. Netflix is making sure that they're one of the first out the door, as their Android app now supports 4K ultra high density resolution so you can view "all the pixels". The update also brings support for Dolby Digital Plus pass-through and application backgrounding as well.

Ginger now integrates Any.do on its virtual keyboard

Most virtual keyboards that are now available in the market have gone beyond just giving you an alternative to your default keyboard. We've seen apps like SwiftKey, Fleksy, Swype and others offer other functionalities that can either confuse you even more or maybe make your life easier. Ginger Keyboard is another app that has been adding more features and the latest one is a partnership with popular productivity app Anything.do so you can do your tasks directly on your smart keyboard.

New SwiftKey update now out of beta phase

SwiftKey has been releasing a few beta updates over the past month, teasing us as to all the possibilities when it will finally be released in its real form. Finally, the virtual keyboard has released the major update which includes a new Hub menu, free default theme, additional languages and additional Dashlane integration for your saved passwords. Plus, a lot of the new designs have been inspired from the Material Design visual guidelines that Google has been suggesting for developers.

Wear Mini Launcher lets you manage apps in your smartwatch

Unlike with smartphones where you can still survive without an app launcher, Android Wear smartwatches aren't that great yet when it comes to managing and launching apps. You'd have to rely on apps like Wear Mini Launcher in order to quickly find the tools you need at that moment when you need it. Aside from getting to the apps, you also get to customize your settings and options so that it's easier for you to manage your smartwatch, even without opening your smartphone.

New Opera Max gets WiFi data-savings feature

Data-savings app Opera Max has just been updated. This app has been helping a lot of Android users conserve their precious data by managing and monitoring data usage. This app can help extend data plan savings, block data hogging apps, and offer real-time, daily, or monthly usage statistics. This new version now tracks data usage on WiFi networks. This makes sense since about 80% of usage on a device is on WiFi and Opera Max users have been requesting for such feature.

Count finance manager app brings new features in update

Managing your finances can still be tricky, even given the many digital tools that are now available for us. From the simple act of writing down purchases, scanning receipts, adding payment schedules to your calendar, to the more complicated apps whose features are all about finances, we have a lot more tools now to help us. Count finance manager is one of those more "complicated" tools, and the latest update brings even more features to the table, making tracking and budgeting kind of a breeze.

tinyCam Pro update brings background video recording 24/7

Surveillance cameras are now becoming common among digital natives, as they stay away from their homes for longer periods of time, either for work or travel or just socializing. But you probably don't spend all your time away just staring at your camera feed right (unless you have that really weird compulsion). One of the more popular apps that help you monitor what's going on in front of your IP camera is bringing a solution to that problem, so you wouldn't need to always be watching.

TeamViewer QuickSupport allows remote tech support on your phone

In this day and age of advanced technology, each one of us who own a gadget or two will need tech support at one point. It may be easy to search for manuals, instructions, and troubleshooting but an app that contains such information is more than useful. But one that can actually remotely fix your phone , now that's even better. That's the idea of the TeamViewer QuickSupport, to provide technical remote support for mobile devices from any computer from anywhere in the world.

Facebook Messenger adds “chat ID” for first-time chat buddies

All of us who use Facebook Messenger have probably experienced this once or more than once. A message from an unknown person suddenly pops up and he/she seems to know you or have met you recently, but for the life of you, you have no idea who they are and so you don't know whether to talk to them or not. Sometimes you ignore them and miss an opportunity or sometimes you do talk to them and waste precious minutes of your life.