AcDisplay 3.4 now allows you to choose own custom widget

The AcDisplay 3.0 version finally got Android 5.0 Lollipop support earlier in January but after a few months, we're now on the 3.4 version with minor updates along the way. This program developed by a certain XDA-recognized developer AChep (Artem Chepurnoy) shows new notifications even when the phone screen is off. A small screen is shown with intuitive gestures to view or do an action to a certain notification.

BBM timed messages, message retraction now on subscription

Blackberry may not be the most popular kid in the block, but it still commands a loyal following from a certain group of people, particularly for its Blackberry Messenger or BBM. The latest update to the messaging app may be a mixed bag for its users. The good news is that it brings a few new features, like better voice chat and better broadcast message options. The bad news is that some features that were previously free are now removed and instead, put in a subscription service.

Facebook now lets you do video calls via Messenger

Facebook seems to be giving its messaging service Messenger a lot of power lately. After introducing a whole bunch of great features these past weeks, they now bring what may be the most useful yet: the ability to make free video calls through the app itself. The social media giant wants to keep it at par with a lot of messaging services in the market, particularly its erstwhile rival, Apple, whose Hangouts is one of the most widely used free video call services (known as FaceTime).

Google Keep for Android Wear allows note-taking without typing

Google Keep keeps on  imrpoving and helping more Android users with its features. The productivity app went live officially two years ago and has since received numerous updates. The latest one includes new organization features plus sharing of "to do" lists with family. While taking notes on the Android app is already possible and is actually easy and convenient, it needs to be updated for use with Android Wear on a smartwatch.

SwiftKey Hub now available for easier access to features, settings

It may still be in its beta phase, but it looks like SwiftKey for Android is bringing out all the bells and whistles with every update, to make you realize you need to get it as your new virtual keyboard for your smartphone. You may call it a mini make-over, as the latest version contains a new SwiftKey Hub located conveniently, and a new "sleek, modern look" that makes your smartphone look even nicer.

Lollipop finally arrives for Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4

Owners of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 finally have something to cheer about. The OEM announced that the tablet will finally receive the Android 5.0 upgrade, a month after the bigger version, the Galaxy Tab S 10.5 got its Lollipop on. However, the update that will be rolling out to the tablet is version 5.0.2, and not yet the latest one, version 5.1 which has been rolling out to some devices already.

Twitter Highlights gives you the best tweets that you may have missed

Twitter is a really great source of news, useless information, new online discoveries, and yes, even conversations with friends. But with the amount of people that you follow, and with the limited amount of time (we assume) that you have for checking on your various social networks, some things may be lost in the void. Twitter is introducing a new feature called Highlights that will make you get the best out of the micro-blogging site and it is also personalized according to what you need or want to see.

WhatsApp looks to have pulled out Google Drive backup feature

A few days ago, we told you about an update to messaging app WhatsApp which allows you to back up your messages and your entire account onto Google Drive. The update was available on an APK Mirror but wasn't released on their Google Play Store page. Now it looks like they might have changed their mind or something because this feature has been disabled without any official announcement, and their latest build doesn't have this capability anymore.

OnePlus One system update rolling out now

If you are a user of the OnePlus One smartphone running cyanogen, a new update is apparently ready to roll out. Reposts have surfaced indicating that some users have received the notification that a new update for the device is ready to install.

OneDrive app now allows video streaming, photo album organization

Almost half a year has passed since Microsoft updated the OneDrive app for Android. The last one was last October when the software giant added widget and recycle bin support. The productivity app is another free cloud storage for anyone who wants easy access to all their files from an Android device, tablet, or any computer. You can save all your files in one place to share with family, friends, classmates, or colleagues using this app. You can also work right on the app and collaborate with your groupmates so you can finish a project anytime and anywhere.
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