Telegram 3.0 now offers Bot API, platform for developers

While the numbers game (meaning users and advertisers probably) is being fought among more popular messenger apps like Viber, WhatsApp, LINE, and Messenger among others, there is one app that may be smaller than them but has a more innovative and open approach for the market. Telegram recently allowed users to create their own stickers, and now developers can actually create their own bots using the API and platform that they're offering for third-party creators.

Plex updated to v4.5, adds voice search using Google Voice

This is the second time this month that we’re getting a version upgrade for Plex. The upgrade to version 4.4 was exciting, bringing fixes for Plex interfacing with Android TV and the addition of channel support. Now we go to version 4.5, where you can now launch Plex from the device’s launcher using a voice prompt through Google Voice.

Bing Rewards update brings new look, suggested rewards

If you didn't know it yet, Microsoft actually rewards you for using its own Bing and lure you away from your default search engine. While obviously they have no problems when it comes to Windows-based devices, it becomes a little tricky when it comes to Android, since more likely, users will use Google. But they're hoping that this latest update to the Bing Rewards app will attract even those who are loyal to Google to try and expand their digital wings.

Undo Send option now available for Inbox, Gmail (web only)

We've all been there. You've crafted a painstaking email to a colleague, explaining why you hate your boss, only to accidentally add your boss to the thread. Or you've written a flirty message to a guy you're dating, then mistakenly sent it to your dad because they have the same first name. (Now as to you dating a man with the same name as your father, that's a whole other discussion). But now, you will be able to retrieve those embarrassing emails, whether you're using Inbox or the Gmail app.

Sign up for Messenger even without a Facebook account

Not everyone who wants to use Messenger necessarily wants to be on Facebook as well. Apparently, this is one of the learnings that the social media giant has received, or so we assume, as they are now allowing non-Facebook users to sign up for the stand-alone messaging app, as long as they have a mobile number. Although this is now limited to just four countries, we can expect this to rollout in other countries as well, sooner rather than later.

Instagram updated with new Explore page, improved search

The popular photo-sharing app, everyone's favorite Instagram has just been updated. Well, some of you may disagree that it's a fave but we can't contest the fact that the app is still one of the top social networks today even after so many years. The Instagram team has just announced two big updates to the app. One is the improved search and the all-new Explore page.

Dropbox finally adapts Material Design for its Android app

Just like Todoist which we talked about earlier today, Dropbox is one of the biggest apps that has taken its sweet time in finally adapting the Material Design visual guidelines that Google introduced last year in preparation for Android 5.0 Lollipop. A lot of the apps have already tweaked their looks and UI based on this but some of the hold-outs included the popular cloud storage service app. Until now, that is.

Todoist for Android undergoing design, UI overhaul

There are still some hugely popular apps that were holding out on adapting the Material Design guidelines that Google introduced last year. Maybe some wanted to "rebel" or maybe others didn't know what to do with it in terms of applying it to their product. But then maybe some like one of the most popular productivity apps Todoist, just wanted to get it right and bring something more to the table. So, today, they gave a preview as to what users can expect from the updated Todoist app that will be coming soon.

Foursquare brings back mayorship, but this time on Swarm

Have you missed being the digital mayor of your office or your favorite coffeeshop or bookshop back in the good ole days of the original Foursquare? Well, now you can go back to being your competitive self, at least when it comes to checking in at your favorite places. They're bringing back the mayorship of each place, but instead of being on the new Foursquare, you can now do it on Swarm, which replaced it as your official check-in app.
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