Android 5.0.2 coming to Sony Z series starting next week

"Product so and so will be receiving the Android 5.0 Lollipop update soon". This has been a common headline in a lot of tech news the past months, but some Android devices from different OEMs are still waiting for the update to rollout. Sony has been part of that kind of news when it comes not just to their Xperia devices but to their other series as well. At least now, they've finally announced a date. Well, sort of.

Amazon Prime Instant Video now has support for Android tablets

It's been months since the Amazon Prime Instant Video app was launched for most platforms and devices, with one big exception. It did not have any official app for Android tablets, despite being present on Android smartphones, iOS devices, and of course Amazon's own Fire tablets and Fire phones. But they have now resolved that problem by adding an official app for Android tablets like the Nexus 9, Samsung tablets, etc.

Google Calendar update brings back month view in new update

It's been two months since its latest update, so you know that the folks over at Google are dying to tweak something again with their Calendar app. For their latest update that will be rolling out soon for Android devices, they listened once again to what their users have been asking for, bringing back the month view and seeing more events at just one glance on your smartphone or tablet.

Slacker Radio revamps look, adds ringtone option (for Verizon only)

In case you've forgotten that it exists, in the wake of Spotify, Pandora, and even Jay-Z's attempt at music streaming (Tidal), Slacker Radio is still alive and kicking, and apparently, not slacking off. They have just updated their Android app with a newly-refreshed look, and with some new features to boot. It's about time for a revamp in order to keep up with the competition and also differentiate itself from the others.

1Password update: custom keyboard, auto-fills, TOTPs

1Password has been a heaven sent app for those who are either too forgetful to remember their digital passwords (or any password for that matter) or too paranoid that you need to change your passwords every week (as maybe we should). The latest update to their Android app, version 4.2, brings even more features, including a custom keyboard that you can use as your default or as a back-up, auto-fill for the times when you're just too lazy to fill up forms from scratch. It even gives you a time-based, one-time password for sites that have a two-step verification process.

Adobe Reader gets major redesign, now called Acrobat DC

You've been using the PDF format for decades now, and when mobile devices started getting smarter, you eventually got an app as well. But it's been some years since anything major happened to the Adobe Reader app, but now they're making up for almost 5 years of inactivity by redesigning the entire Android app, and renaming it to Acrobat DC. No, the company has not been bought by a comic book publisher, but it stands for Document Cloud.

Instagram’s first Android-first update brings Color and Fade tools

Usually, photo sharing juggernaut Instagram brings its updates to that other platform first before rolling it out to Android users. But for some reason, they chose to go Android first with their newest update. And not only does it have the usual bug fixes and improvements, it comes with two new tools that you can use to make your pictures prettier, all without having to use a third-party app to touch them up.

Snapchat lets you use emojis to show relationships with contacts

Snapchat's much-hated "Best Friends" feature is finally, totally (hopefully) gone. But instead, they have replaced it with (maybe) a more fun way of visually showing your relationship with your contacts. The update to the app also brings with it a special low-light camera mode, and a new way of categorizing contacts that you haven't been paying attention to or those that you've been neglecting lately. The photo sharing app is trying to regain some of the users it has lost to new ephemeral apps that have sprung up in the wake of its popularity.

Twitter’s revamped “quote tweet” functionality coming soon to Android

This is a common occurrence for Twitter users. You see a tweet that you really, really like but instead of just retweeting it, you'd like to add a short comment or reaction. Unfortunately, the 140 character rule means that you can't fully express your comment, which defeats the purpose of the quote tweet. Or you sometimes just use an emoji, which is always not enough. The micro-blogging giant has announced they are revamping this functionality, and hopefully, it will reach Android soon.
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