BitTorrent Sync Mobile now lets you create, edit, and share files

Analysts have been predicting for a few years now that pretty soon, everyone will be on the cloud. But one thing that has been preventing some from actually going there are the security risks and of course, the limited amount of free storage you get. The arrival of the BitTorrent Sync app last year has enabled users to share large files without the cloud but through peer 2 peer sharing, but they could only view said files. But now, the newest update to the app gives you the power to create and edit, aside from just sharing files though the app.

HERE map updates Android app for the whole world

As more people discover that there are other maps out in the digital world other than Google Maps, HERE continues to improve its services by adding more countries, cities, and places to its mapping service. Today, they’ve announced a worldwide update to their Android app, even as mother company Nokia has also confirmed that they are selling the service to the automotive “Consortium” made up of some of the leading car companies in the world.

Oppo’s updated ColorOS brings Eye Protection, increased battery life

If you are an Oppo user, specifically the Find 7 and Find 7a, then you’re familiar with ColorOS, their very own OS based on the Android 5.0 Lollipop. While the updated 2.1.3i may mostly bring stabilization and bug fixes, it also adds a few new things (Eye Protection, better battery) and brings back an old favorite (air gestures). While of course only those who own the devices will be able to have these features, it’s nice to dream that someday, Lollipop may have some of these so Android users everywhere can enjoy them as well.

Viber brings better video calls, animated stickers, easier sharing

Viber may be one of the most popular messaging apps out there, but that doesn’t mean it’s perfect (far from it). As with a lot of apps out there, there’s always room for improvement, and consumers “demand” it actually from them. The latest version of Viber, version 5.5 for Android, brings several new things like animated stickers, easier sharing options, as well as make existing things better, like improved video calls, and the app version for secondary devices like tablets, PCs, etc.

Kodak Moments app lets you do edit, share, and print directly 

Kodak may not be the photography powerhouse that it was before, but they have been able to transform and rebrand themselves in this digital world, while still trying to maintain the original nature of their business. And now when people are merging both digital pictures and printing memories at the same time, they are in a great position to thrive since they have experience with both. The latest update to their Moments Android app brings both worlds together.

AirDroid v3.1.4 updated to allow easier file transfer with Desktop Widget

The last AirDroid update released back in June had finally brought Telegram and Kik message reply support. The AirDroid v3.1.3 also added support for Samsung devices. This time, the company decided to improve the AirDroid desktop client to allow easy drag-and-drop function.  With the update, you can simply drag and then drop files to the file transfer module according to the AirDroid team.

Twitter adds four more Indic languages to web, Android app

In its quest to be even more expansive and inclusive, particularly for other cultures and languages, Twitter announced that they are adding support for four more Indic languages in their latest update. This brings supported Indian languages to a total of six, since Hindi and Bengali have been translated already for more than a year. In terms of major languages, Twitter currently supports 27 main ones, but also adds other languages for countries that have multiple, like in the case of India.

Humblebrag your Runtastic scores in new Leaderboard feature

There are various reasons why people would want to post their workout or running scores in public. It may be just humble bragging (or outright bragging). It may be to motivate yourself or your friends who are also doing the same training. It may be to show off to friends who are also doing the same training but not doing as well as you. Or it may be to poke fun at yourself. Whatever your reason may be, if you’re using Runtastic, now it’s easier to do that.

Pinatas come to Plants vs Zombies in newest content update Summer Nights

When you think of plants and zombies, or rather plants against zombies, you automatically think, “This needs some piñatas to make it better!” Okay no? But the folks over at EA and Popcap decided that a summer themed content update to the apparently still popular Plants vs Zombies 2 should have piñatas, and lots of them. The Summer Nights theme is rolling out with more new angry plants, brain-hungry zombies, and even shimmery sparklers.
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