QKSMS premium features now available for free 

If you get easily bored with apps, especially the simple and straightforward ones, then you probably are looking for an alternative to your smartphone’s default SMS app. There are a lot of alternative ones out there, but some of them require you to pay a bit for more premium features. One of these apps, QKSMS, has had a change of heart and is now offering its entire app, including the ones you had to pay for before, for free.

OneNote Floatie saves notes wherever you are in your smartphone

Have you ever had a sudden burst of idea while you’re doing something on your device, whether browsing your Facebook timeline or chatting with an officemate. But going out of the current app you’re using, opening your note-taking app, and then writing that thought down sometimes takes forever? Sounds like we’re just being lazy, but really, all we want is to conserve a few seconds and a few steps so we can do other things. That’s what OneNote believes, and so they’re now bringing us the Floatie button.

Pushbullet now supports end-to-end encryption for various features

In an age where hacked accounts and leaked messages are a common occurrence, encryption support is all the more important, not because you have anything to hide (well, unless you do, but that’s your business) but because we all have a right to privacy. It’s also hard to trust software and apps that you know are vulnerable to such attacks and yet don’t offer encryption. Notification mirroring app Pushbullet wants you to trust them as they are now offering end-to-end encryption support for users and the messages sent to and from their devices.

Snapchat update: travel mode to save data, placeable emojis

Data saving seems to be the name of the game among apps, specifically messaging apps, with Facebook and WhatsApp just some of the recent ones that are offering versions of their apps that will not eat up your precious mobile data. Another app to join this “helpful” trend is Snapchat, with the latest update offering a “travel mode” for those who want to save up on data even when using the app. Plus, the update also brings a new way of using emojis on your snaps.

Microsoft’s Cortana app can now be set as default on Android

Cortana is still scheduled to be released for Android but before its official launch, Microsoft is doing its best to test the app and fix whatever bugs or issues that may be encountered. It’s not even a month after the beta testing program was introduced unofficially to a select group of Android users in the United States and then leaked, and the software giant is already announcing an update.

Amazon Cloud Drive now allows new folder creation, direct editing of text files

Only a month after its official release, the Amazon Cloud Drive is getting an update. This cloud app by Amazon is now packed with several new features so users can do more on this cloud storage program. As with any other similar cloud drive storage users, Amazon's very own Cloud Drive app offers easy access to any files, videos, photos, songs, and documents one might need at the moment right on a mobile device.

Google Slides now allows presentations during Hangouts video call

The Google for Work team has added a new feature to Google Slides. Aside from Airplay and Chromecast support which was part of the update released back in June, Google Slides can now be shown during a Hangouts video call. When you need to present something to clients, classmates, and colleagues who are in a different place, you can show your slides via Hangouts.

BitTorrent Sync Mobile now lets you create, edit, and share files

Analysts have been predicting for a few years now that pretty soon, everyone will be on the cloud. But one thing that has been preventing some from actually going there are the security risks and of course, the limited amount of free storage you get. The arrival of the BitTorrent Sync app last year has enabled users to share large files without the cloud but through peer 2 peer sharing, but they could only view said files. But now, the newest update to the app gives you the power to create and edit, aside from just sharing files though the app.

HERE map updates Android app for the whole world

As more people discover that there are other maps out in the digital world other than Google Maps, HERE continues to improve its services by adding more countries, cities, and places to its mapping service. Today, they’ve announced a worldwide update to their Android app, even as mother company Nokia has also confirmed that they are selling the service to the automotive “Consortium” made up of some of the leading car companies in the world.
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