Wikipedia for Android update: tabbed browsing, link preview

Wikipedia is considered one of the best/worst Internet rabbit holes. How many hours have you lost just clicking on link after link after link, when you only set out to research who was the guy who played the principal in High School Musical. That’s alright if you were just casually browsing through Wikipedia (as we always do). But if you’re doing research for school or you need to finish writing an article while researching, then it becomes a problem. That is one of the problems that the latest update of Wikipedia for Android aims to solve.

Periscope now lets you take livestream videos in landscape format

First it was Instagram, and now, other apps may follow suit. First out the door is livestreaming app Periscope, as they are now allowing you to view live broadcasts in either landscape or portrait orientation, depending on what you want to see or what the broadcaster intends you to see. The latest update to the app also includes several other new features like share context, accessibility for virtually impaired people, and an easier way to choose contacts you want to invite to follow your broadcast.

Pebble Time Firmware update: Quiet Time, Stand-By mode, new languages

With the recent announcement that Android Wear would soon be available on iOS devices, pundits were saying that Pebble will become the biggest loser in that development. But that doesn’t mean the smartwatch brand, that can work on both iOS and Android, should be discounted. The latest update to the Pebble Time firmware proves they’re coming out fighting, with full support for languages, quiet time and stand-by mode to give users more options and tools.

Instagram for brands to introduce new tools for advertisers

If you found 15 second videos on Instagram not so pleasant (especially since it auto plays even if you don’t want to watch it), then you better brace yourself as longer videos are about to invade your feed. But the good news (or maybe bad news) is that the longer videos will be limited for advertisers only, so hopefully, they are better looking and better produced videos than those that annoy you.

Original Kingdom Rush will be “forever free” for Android devices

It’s been a little over two years since Kingdom Rush arrived for Android smartphones and tablets with the fire of a thousand hordes of orcs, trolls, wizards, etc. Since then, it has become a an acclaimed tower defense meets action fantasy game that has since led to two other spin-off games. A few months ago it became free to download for Android devices, but today, developer Ironhide Game Studio announced that it will be forever free, and Amazon users will also be able to get it without paying a cent.

Rdio now available on multi-room speaker systems, smart TVs

We used to be content with just listening to music on our cassette tape players. Then it became Walkmans. Then CD players. Then digital music players. Then iPods. Then smartphones. But now, it seems that we’re expanding our music listening process once again, although in a more connected way as well. One of the more popular music streaming apps is Rdio, and now it is available on more multi-room speaker systems as well as some Smart TV systems for a more enhanced listening experience.

eBay 4.0 brings better selling and browsing experience to Android 

eBay has been around for 20 years, and a lot of people still use it as their go-to site for selling or looking for stuff to buy. And since the Internet has evolved a lot since they first started, it’s also time for them to evolve as well. One of the things they’ve done to celebrate two decades of existence is to give their mobile Android app a major update and make it easier for both buyers and sellers to use eBay on their smartphones or tablets.

WhatsApp new emojis now available on Kika Keyboard

WhatsApp’s latest update features new emojis that people will probably enjoy, especially those who love talking with their loved ones without using any words. They have also updates the sexual and racial diversity of the emojis, meaning all other non-mainstream identities are represented. The first to implement them natively is Kika Keyboard, a popular virtual keyboard that now automatically loads these emojis so you can access them easily when you want to express yourself through these cute symbols.

Opera Mini offers high or extreme compression depending on connection

Statistics are showing that more and more people are accessing websites from their smartphone rather than regular laptops or computers. But a lot of times, there are issues either with the website’s mobile interface (or lack of) or the user’s expensive data plans that limits their access to these. Opera Mini has been one of those browsers that have allowed mostly mobile people to view their sites in a compressed mode. But now they’re offering two modes that you can easily switch from and to.

Google Translate on Marshmallow now with systemwide translation 

Usually, when you have text that needs translation when you’re on your mobile devices, you have to undergo several steps to be able to do it. You copy the text, go to your translation app, paste it there, push the translation button, copy the text again, then paste it to whatever app you’ll use to send or save it. Whew, sounds tiring just reading it doesn’t it? But now it seems that the latest version of Google Translate will feature a systemwide translation option so your translation process is shortened.
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