Sunrise now includes TV shows in its “interesting calendars” section

If you watch a lot of TV, it sometimes becomes a little problematic to keep track of all of them (unless you're the kind of person who writes everything on your datebook). You've probably wished there was an app that could add your shows automatically to your calendar, without having to input them manually. Well if you're a Sunrise user (and you probably should be one), then that problem is solved as they have now have the option to add TV shows to your calendar.

Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 now receiving Android Lollipop update

Who says the Android goodies will only come to flagship and/or high-end phones? Samsung seems to also be giving the chance for some of its mid-range devices to experience what a lot of users of newer Android devices are already experiencing. The latest to receive an Android 5.0 Lollipop update is the Galaxy Tab 4 10.1, and hopefully, this is just the kick-off for updates on the lesser known smartphones and tablets.

Mizuu developer to remove app from GPS, will stop updating

Quoting the late great Michael Jackson's last concert series "This Is It", Mizuu founder and developer Michell Bak announced that he was leaving the project he started due to various reasons. While the app would still be available for download elsewhere, he also said that he will be pulling out the app from the Google Play Store. While it is one of the more popular app manager for local files, he has had a few problems with Google over store policies.

HTC Lock Screen gets Material Design, new features

If you have an HTC device, then you must have been happy when sometime last year, they launched an app on Google Play Store that was just previously available for the newer smartphones like the HTC One M8. The HTC Lock Screen is pretty useful for those who are tired of constantly unlocking and then locking their phones, as it enables you to still access certain functions and features even without unlocking your device. A new update to the app brings even more useful features, particularly if you love to travel and go around places.

Roku mobile update: feed and voice search

If you have a Roku set-top box at home for your multi-media needs, then you definitely need to have the mobile app in order to still have control over your content and device. A new update to the app brings more goodies to the table with the brand new Roku Feed and voice search features now available for your smartphone and tablet. You still won't be able to watch videos and shows of course, but you can still research and keep updated with the content that you want to watch when you get home.

Expedia update: book your activities and ground travel

When Expedia started back in the late 90s, its goal was simply to help book flights and hotels for travelers to different parts of the world. However, as things slowly went digital and traveling became one of the favorite hobbies of people, users started to look for things beyond hotel and plane booking. The newest update to their mobile app now includes other travel must-haves, like booking travel activities as well as your on-ground transport to wherever you are going.

Glide update: material design, offline recording, super emojis

Sometimes, a text message or even an emoji or a GIF is not enough to express what you want to say to a loved one. Yes you can call or you can Skype or wharever free video calling app you have, but you won't be able to save your video or to go back and view it again. That's why you have apps like Glide where you can send video messages to friends and family members and capture your memories at that very moment. The latest update to the app brings a design make-over and other new features to enhance your video messages.

Google Play Books: changes in interface, fonts, notes in Drive soon

It's Wednesday, so that means one of our Google products will probably be changing, hopefully for the better. Today, it's the turn of Google Play Books, and while the update to Version 3.4.5 doesn't seem much on paper, they are still very much welcome, especially if you're a frequent or heavy user of the app. There are slight changes to the translation interface, a change in the default font, and a hint of a useful feature that will hopefully come in the future.

Snapchat updates its Discover platform for the first time

Since it launched a few months back in January, Snapchat's Discovery section has gotten positive engagement, particularly during the beginning. But recent reports have been saying interest has dropped off since then, which means maybe it's time for an update. The ephemeral messaging app seems to think so too, and their first ever update to their news platform gives users more options on how to share the content they like to people they know.

Minuum Keyboard updated with advanced character options, new numbers layout

Virtual keyboard Minuum has just received the latest update since January and after more languages, new themes, and better spacing were included. The newest version boasts of a new numbers layout, some advanced character options, and easier adding of hashtags among others. Numbers and symbols are now organized into two layers and app switching back to the letters layer once you hit enter or type a space.
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