Evernote 7 now optimized for Android tablets

When Evernote 7 first came out for Android smartphones almost a month ago, users were pretty happy with the Material Design update, new collaborative features, and user-requested enhancements. But of course that was created just for the smaller screen and those of us who used tablets more often to access the note-taking and productivity app wished that it would also be optimized for larger screens. Well, they took their sweet time and now they're finally bringing the latest update for Android tablets.

Skype update brings more emojis, speech to text

Most of the messaging apps that are really popular in the market sometimes have more than just the ability to send text messages going for them. In fact, a lot of them do not rely on actual text or words but on little drawings, icons that allow you to express yourself better. Skype is still primariy a communication platform, where you can have both personal and business conversations, serious and fun as well. The newest update brings a bit more emphasis on the fun.

Rounds Video Chat app offers fun, reliable group calls

There are hundreds of chat apps out there and ready for download from the Google Play Store but only a few are really fun and entertaining. Conversations must run smoothly and without any interruptions all the time. The Rounds Video Chat & Group Call app allows more than just video calls and sending of text messages. You can even take photos, share files, play games, and watch videos together with your family and friends. As with any other instant messaging apps, you can also create group chats and chatrooms so more people can communicate in one place.

Google News & Weather update: breaking news, personalized suggestions

There are a lot of personalized news services out there, like Flipboard, Zite, Feedly, etc, so you'll never run out of ways to curate and receive the news that you really care about. But if you are a Google fanboy/girl, and you are dependent on their eco-system, then the Google News & Weather, as minimalist as it is, will have a certain appeal for you. The newest update to the app brings even more improvements into the way they personalize your news and also the way you receive them.

Bridge Constructor goes Easter-themed in latest update

Since Easter is just a few days away, expect some of the apps and games to have a touch of the eggs or bunnies or any other resurrection-themed elements to be part of their updates. One of the games that are doing this is Bridge Constructor, and if you're already playing the Android game, then you'll experience the Easter Island and the Easter Bunny when the update rolls out to you.

Viber 5.3 update: group admin, support for Android Wear devices

With the amount of conversations we have going on with other people, mostly in a group context and on various platforms, having a handle on these can sometimes be a pain. If you rely on Viber for a lot of these group conversations, then the latest update to the free messaging app should help you out a little because you now have group admin features. It also brings support for Android Wear so you can now use the app on your smartwatches.

Outlook for Android update: improved contact, calendar, search

Just when you thought that the Outlook for Android email app was already great enough to replace your other email apps, they come up with even more feature and improvements to win you over. The latest update brings much welcome enhancements to the contacts and calendar section of the app as well as in the search functions for the email. Pretty soon, you might even find yourself totally dependent on this app for your communication and even for productivity purposes.

Yahoo App for Android revamped with a fresh new style

After updating the iOS version of the app, Yahoo quickly gave the Android variant the same new features and enhancements. This isn't just minor bug fixes as the Yahoo! app has gotten a fresh new look. The response has been overwhelming so the developers are bringing the same vibrant experience to our Android community. Expect your new Yahoo to display some interactive features like an image slider, community polls, and photo slideshows--more animations to make the app more fun and attractive to use.

Springening comes to Plants vs Zombies 2 (and brought discounts!)

Spring may be the favorite season for a lot of people because of all the flowers blooming and the sun shining not so brightly. But over on Plants vs Zombies land, it is a time for decaying flesh (but well, there's always that when zombies are around) and flowers forcibly torn from their roots. It's time once again for Springening to come to Plants vs Zombies 2, and they even brought discounts with them.

Facebook now lets you make digital scrapbooks of your kid’s pictures

Parents, especially new ones, can always be found sharing photos of their child or children on social networks. Some even give monthly or weekly photo updates to show off how cute their progeny are, especially to relatives or loved ones that are far away and can only see the kids online. But sometimes, the photos are digitally scattered so it's hard to keep track of them. The largest network of them all. Facebook, is now giving you a much more organized way of sharing your children's photos with their new Scrapbook feature.