MX Player updated, works better on Android 5.0 devices

There are lots digital media players available for Android but only a few can be considered fast, efficient, and reliable. MX Player is one of those that provide the best way to enjoy movies and the app has been updated recently to work better on some Android 5.0 devices. With the app update, online subtitle downloading and uploading are now supported.

Uber’s new privcay policy will be easier to understand

When you deal with a service that require certain sensitive information about the user which are necessary to providing said service, it's important that the privacy policies you have are both iron clad and can be understood by the "simplest" of users. Car service app Uber has just announced that they are revamping their policies, but only to make it simpler and easier to understand. They are also applying changes to make way for their new services.

BitTorrent updates Sync app Android with Intel x86 support

BitTorrent's Sync app for Android was recently updated with support for more Intel-powered Android devices. This brings an improved experience to any mobile device that is powered by Intel x86 processors. With this app update, adding multiple files, images, videos, and audio content to a folder is also enabled. The developers also enhanced app experience when you link a device without a camera to your identity.

Chrome web browser updated with Touch to Search, Faster Checkout

Google has once again updated the Chrome browser for Android as well as Mac, Windows, and Linux. One of the main features is "Touch to Search" that is now available to all. With this feature, you can discover more about words simply by touching them on the screen. It's one cool feature that doesn't require the user to type or use voice search. Just tap on a word or phrase and then search results would show up.

HERE improves on offline maps in Africa, transit routes everywhere else

Nokia's HERE navigation maps app has been doing offline mapping since before everyone thought it was cool. And now that Google Maps is set to have offline navigation as well, expect that HERE will further improve the customer's experience in order for people to still prefer using it more than any other maps app. The latest update brings even more improvement when it comes to mapping out areas in Africa and letting it be available offline, as well as improving on actual transit routes.

Facebook intros new way to send map, location pin in Messenger

Sending one's location in Facebook Messenger is easy. But honestly, it can be annoying at times because more often than not, I would be pressing the send location button accidentally during a conversation. My fault for being careless but I'm pretty sure I'm not the only with the same problem. Facebook wants to provide the best mobile experience for everyone so it regularly updates both the main app and Messenger. Recently, Facebook Lite was launched for low-end Android devices in Asia.

Todoist announces Evernote, Google Calendar integrations

After adding productivity to our wrists via Android Wear last December, Todoist is updating the app by finally integrating it with Evernote, Github, and Gcal. Thanks to a new API that allows these anticipated integrations with three of the most popular productivity apps for Android today. These changes arrived  together with the new Developer Platform plus the introduction of Doist's Global Developer Challenge. The latter is a special event where developers can enter their own Todoist integration ideas for a chance to win over $10,000 in prizes.

SoundHound announces Hound app, Houndify Developer Platform

SoundHound has been providing sound recognition and related technologies the past years and the company isn't going on a break soon. In fact, it has recently introduced a new mobile voice interface app called Hound and the Houndify Developer Platform, a new developer platform for a "smart, voice-enabled, and conversational interface to anything".

Plants vs Zombies 2 brings you to a Lost City in newest update

For some, the craze has been over for quite some time, but there are still mobile gamers out there (you probably included if you're reading this) who still can't get enough of their zombie-killing plants. We haven't had a major update from EA lately, and so they're making up for lost time with what promises to be a two-part update for Plants vs Zombies 2. First up is a chance to explore a whole new world overrun with zombies, in New World: Lost City.