1Password update: custom keyboard, auto-fills, TOTPs

1Password has been a heaven sent app for those who are either too forgetful to remember their digital passwords (or any password for that matter) or too paranoid that you need to change your passwords every week (as maybe we should). The latest update to their Android app, version 4.2, brings even more features, including a custom keyboard that you can use as your default or as a back-up, auto-fill for the times when you're just too lazy to fill up forms from scratch. It even gives you a time-based, one-time password for sites that have a two-step verification process.

Adobe Reader gets major redesign, now called Acrobat DC

You've been using the PDF format for decades now, and when mobile devices started getting smarter, you eventually got an app as well. But it's been some years since anything major happened to the Adobe Reader app, but now they're making up for almost 5 years of inactivity by redesigning the entire Android app, and renaming it to Acrobat DC. No, the company has not been bought by a comic book publisher, but it stands for Document Cloud.

Instagram’s first Android-first update brings Color and Fade tools

Usually, photo sharing juggernaut Instagram brings its updates to that other platform first before rolling it out to Android users. But for some reason, they chose to go Android first with their newest update. And not only does it have the usual bug fixes and improvements, it comes with two new tools that you can use to make your pictures prettier, all without having to use a third-party app to touch them up.

Snapchat lets you use emojis to show relationships with contacts

Snapchat's much-hated "Best Friends" feature is finally, totally (hopefully) gone. But instead, they have replaced it with (maybe) a more fun way of visually showing your relationship with your contacts. The update to the app also brings with it a special low-light camera mode, and a new way of categorizing contacts that you haven't been paying attention to or those that you've been neglecting lately. The photo sharing app is trying to regain some of the users it has lost to new ephemeral apps that have sprung up in the wake of its popularity.

Twitter’s revamped “quote tweet” functionality coming soon to Android

This is a common occurrence for Twitter users. You see a tweet that you really, really like but instead of just retweeting it, you'd like to add a short comment or reaction. Unfortunately, the 140 character rule means that you can't fully express your comment, which defeats the purpose of the quote tweet. Or you sometimes just use an emoji, which is always not enough. The micro-blogging giant has announced they are revamping this functionality, and hopefully, it will reach Android soon.

You can make faster Hangouts voice calls when new update rolls out

If you're not satisfied with just chatting with colleagues or friends over Hangouts and have been dependent on making voice calls through the app and/or desktop, chances are you've noticed that it's not as fast as it should be. Don't worry, it's not just your carrier's fault, but it's the connection speed within some of Google's apps like Gmail and Inbox where you can also make the voice calls. But a new update to the apps and to the desktop will solve that problem and allow you to make faster calls.

Mailbox for Android receives Material Design update

Long before there was Inbox by Gmail, the whole app that started us going for a zero inbox as one of our digital goals was Dropbox' own Mailbox. When it finally arrived on Android devices, we were quite pleased that getting rid of those 2,000+ emails was going to be easier now while using our mobile gadgets. The latest update to the app now makes it look like a true-blue Google app, at least in certain aspects.

You can now send photos through BitTorrent’s Bleep messaging app

A few months after BitTorrent launched the Alpha version of their messaging app Bleep, we're finally getting an update. If before you can only send messages and make voice calls to the app, now as promised, you can add exchanging pictures into the equation. There are also a few minor tweaks added, but the app is still in the Alpha mode, although they are already laying the groundwork for the beta version soon.

Reddit apps edited, renamed due to policy change

Some changes happened over at reddit recently. Some reddit apps' names have been changed. The name change happened because of a revision in the licensing policy of reddit to access their API. The reddit team specifically wants third-party apps to use "for reddit" in the title of the app. This policy change warns developers not to use "reddit" without the word "for" at the beginning of the title of the app. Because of this, Reddit News app has been renamed to 'Relay for reddit' and the Reddit Now app is now called 'Now for Reddit'. Confused? Don't be. Only names have been changed.

HTC replaces Blinkfeed app with Sense Home

The highly anticipated new flagship from HTC isn't out in the market yet, but they're already giving users a preview of what to expect from the HTC One M9 by changing the Blinkfeed app into a different creature altogether. When you update you Blinkfeed now, it will turn into HTC Sense Home, which is one of the main features they were bragging about regarding the soon-to-be-released (hopefully) smartphone from the OEM.