Twitter shakeups: 140 character limit in DM gone, CEO steps down

Have you ever had a really intense discussion with someone on Twitter through DM, but the flow keeps getting interrupted since you are still limited to 140 characters per message? Well, aside from moving your conversation elsewhere, you had no choice back then, but come July, you'll finally be able to send someone a really, really long private message on the micro-blogging network. Meanwhile, after much pressure from investors, Dick Costolo has stepped down as CEO.

Twitter now allows taking of landscape videos through app

Most of the various kinds of mobile video apps that we have today, like Vine, Instagram, Periscope, etc have one thing in common: they all want you to take videos the portrait way. But sometimes, having a square screen isn't all that great, especially when the video you're taking involves either a lot of people or beautiful scenery. Twitter now allows you to take landscape videos on its mobile apps, giving you options on what you'd like your video to look like, orientation-wise.

“Shoot the past” in version 3 of Camera MX Android app

Have you ever looked at a picture, which either you took or someone else did, and thought to yourself, "Darn, that would have been a great photo 2 seconds before it was taken"? Well, one of the more popular camera apps available for Android devices has just released version 3 and so now Camera MX gives you the ability to "shoot the past", or more specifically three seconds before you released the "shutter" of your mobile device.

Google Slides updated, view notes and lists of Chromecasts

Google has made another update to the Slides app. It's one offshoot of the Chromecast idea that has brought casting more mainstream and more useful. The Chromecast isn't just a single dongle that lets you stream images and videos to a TV display. It's now being used when giving important presentations at work or in school. Mirroring is one easy way to "cast" but a dedicated app like the Slides will make the job easier and more convenient.

Titanium Backup version 7.2 offers Android M preview support

If you're the type of person who always has the need to backup all their data from their mobile devices, chances are you already have an app to do that for you constantly. One of the more popular ones out there is Titanium Backup. Its developers also have a constant need to update ir regularly, hence they're now on version 7.2.0. This time around, they're offering to get you Android M preview support, in case your device already works on that preview.

Android Auto app updated, hands-free usage now allowed

Android Auto is still in its initial stages but we're not doubting the smart technology will be embraced by more car companies all over the world. We already know Google has big plans by partnering with other brands in the automotive industry and integrating several apps to work with it. So far, we know Chevrolet adding Android Auto to its 2016 car lineup while the Hyundai 2015 Sonata is the first car to have it.

EA Sports UFC finally brings Ronda Rousey, other women into the game

It's taken them a while to bring "diversity" into the sport, or at least into the mobile game, but finally women are featuring in the latest update of the EA Sports UFC mobile game for Android devices. The most popular and arguably best women's fighter in the world Ronda Rousey is not only in the game itself, but is also now the cover athlete and the game icon, cementing her status as the current poster child for the mixed martial arts sport.

Gmail app for Android gets improved security

Google may forever have Gmail as one of its top products because really, this email account provider is very reliable. No doubt that it's the choice of many Android users because it's easy to use and is very secure. The Gmail app for Android recently received an update from Google. The app has just gotten Oauth support for all Microsoft and Yahoo accounts, adding account recovery and two-step verification as an extra layer of protection.

Doodle Draw is first Facebook game on Messenger

Since Facebook announced last April that they were opening up the Messenger API to app developers, we knew it was only a matter of time until games finally come on board. But while there were a lot of GIFs, video, and even talking pet apps, we had yet to see one that you could really call a game on this message platform. But now, the first "official" game has arrived, and Doodle Draw may be something familiar to those who played a similar game a few years back.