Sunrise adds Basecamp, Meetup in latest Android update

Because of the glut of useful (and sometimes not so useful) apps nowadays, we normally would use different ones to organize our lives, increase productivity, and even just to socialize with online and offline friends. So when these apps come together, it's a good thing for both the brands and the users. Sunrise, one of the more popular productivity apps in the market, has now added two apps to be integrated into their calendar: Basecamp and Meetup in their latest update.

Google App update adds Nicknames, Thrusted Voice

You may not usually notice your main Google App because there are too many other things you can do on your Android phone but the app has just received a fresh new update. This isn't a major update but you can now add Nicknames. This feature was made available to some users but it's only now that Google is rolling out the version for everyone. If you think it's too minor that you can ignore this particular update, maybe the Trusted Voice feature coming to the app might attract you.

Twitter now explains why the trending topics are trending

This has probably happened to you once or twice (or a lot). You need to do some social media research on what are the trending topics or you're bored and just want to know what people are talking about on Twitter. So you click on the trending topics, but more than half of what's there is indecipherable to you (what the heck is a #KathNiel? A new breed of feline?). Twitter wants to help you solve the trending riddle with the latest update to the app.

Oyster now selling ebooks in new estore, updated app

The battle for "the best way to read books", at least digitally, is heating up even more as Oyster, an emerging rival for Amazon, iBooks, Google Play Books and its like, has announced that you will now be able to purchase ebooks from them through their newly launched ebook store. So not only can you subscribe monthly and read unlimited books from their library, you can now also purchase ebooks should you wish to own them permanently.

Feedly shows off first implementation of Material Design

A lot of similar news-feed apps have already adapted to Google's Material Design visual guidelines, but the folks over at Feedly wanted to take their sweet time. They're now talking about the process they went through when coming up with their app's redesign, which has now started rolling out into the Android smartphones and tablets. With the guideline to make it "more emotional and immersive", they are now showing the digital world the app's first implementation of this ubiquitous (but very pretty) Material Design.

Android 5.0.2 coming to Sony Z series starting next week

"Product so and so will be receiving the Android 5.0 Lollipop update soon". This has been a common headline in a lot of tech news the past months, but some Android devices from different OEMs are still waiting for the update to rollout. Sony has been part of that kind of news when it comes not just to their Xperia devices but to their other series as well. At least now, they've finally announced a date. Well, sort of.

Amazon Prime Instant Video now has support for Android tablets

It's been months since the Amazon Prime Instant Video app was launched for most platforms and devices, with one big exception. It did not have any official app for Android tablets, despite being present on Android smartphones, iOS devices, and of course Amazon's own Fire tablets and Fire phones. But they have now resolved that problem by adding an official app for Android tablets like the Nexus 9, Samsung tablets, etc.

Google Calendar update brings back month view in new update

It's been two months since its latest update, so you know that the folks over at Google are dying to tweak something again with their Calendar app. For their latest update that will be rolling out soon for Android devices, they listened once again to what their users have been asking for, bringing back the month view and seeing more events at just one glance on your smartphone or tablet.