Pebble Time receives first firmware update in version 3.1

Pebble has just started shipping out its brand new smartwatch, the Pebble Time, as rewards for those who backed them up in their Kickstarter campaign. They are also beginning production of the Pebble Time Steel and backers can expect their reward soon, although not exactly on schedule. So since 55,000 out of 57,000 Pebble Time devices are on their way or have reached their supporters, it’s about time to give the first firmware update, with the smartwatches receiving version 3.1 of the firmware as we speak.

Papyrus 2.0 for Android gets some Material Design goodness

It's been a while since Papyrus was updated. Actually, it's been a long while like more than three years ago since we last featured this note-taking app from Steadfast Innovation. There may have been minor updates in between but the most recent one is the biggest so far because Material Design elements are now included. The Papyrus 2.0 now features what Material Design is all about and this is something users of the app will love.

Twitch’s pop-out feature lets you multi-task while watching 

Gamers everywhere have been relying on livestream sites like Twitch to enhance their gaming experience, particularly when it comes to playing on their mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, etc. But what if you wanted to both play and watch a broadcast from the app? While Android device have some multi-tasking features available, it’s still hard to do this. But now Twitch is adding a pop-out feature that would let you do both at the same time.

Inbox by Gmail now lets your create message or reminder in one tap

The Inbox by Gmail app has just been updated to allow a user to create a message or add a reminder in a single tap right from the home screen. With this update, two new Inbox widgets have been added to do the one-tap addition of reminder or message. This particular Android app is now available to everyone. It was an invite-only app but Google finally decided to make the app public.

New minor updates for Google Docs, Slides, Sheets coming up

For apps that we constantly use for work and productivity purposes, updates, no matter how minor they are, are always welcome. Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides has been used by a lot of people as replacements for Word, Excel, and Powerpoint, especially in companies and organizations that rely a lot on Google products. There are upcoming updates to these apps that may not be that big of a deal, but they are still improvements nonetheless, especially if you're always on the go.

Stream your music from OneDrive to Xbox Music app

While music streaming services have been growing in popularity the past few months, there are still some who prefer to play their own music from their own devices. But sometimes, there isn't enough space on your smartphone or tablet, and you have to limit the songs you've saved on your device. The updated Xbox Music app, soon to be rebranded into Groove, now allows you to stream songs that are saved on your OneDrive cloud storage app, and at no extra cost.

Google Messenger updated with stickers, location sharing

Google officially launched the Messenger last year but it's only now that the instant messaging app is getting a significant update. This new version now comes with new stickers and  location sharing features. This messaging app already boasts of a modern user interface but the addition of new features makes it more convenient, easier, and more fun to use.

Google Play brings minor tweaks to animation, what’s new section

The Google Play app may not be the most constantly updated of all the Google products, but it is actually one of our most opened apps, if you're always on the search for new apps on your Android devices. A Googler has recently revealed to an online site that there will be changes happening to the app as Google tries to continually improve all their products, even if it is through minor changes only.