Remote Link now available for non-ASUS devices

It used to be that our phones' only function was to send messages and make calls. But now, they have become so much more than that. They've become our personal digital assistant, our link to the world, our official camera, heck, even our friend. And there are lots of apps out there that give them additional functions. ASUS' Remote Link is one of those, and the newest update to the app means it can now apply even to non-ASUS devices.

Gmail app improved once again, IMAP support now more reliable

There will never be an end to Google updating its native mail app. Gmail has been one of the top favorites of not just Android fans but also those using other mobile platforms because you can easily organize mails, search the inbox, and the tons of space that come with it. Only a couple of months after the last update of viewing all inboxes in one place, the app has just received another set of few improvements which include support for non-Gmail addresses (IMAP) being more reliable than ever.

Bleep leaves alpha phase, now available across all platforms

A few months after their alpha release, this messaging service from BitTorrent is now ready to take on the world. Bleep is now publicly available on the Google Play Store and in other platforms. The newest version of the app also brings new features and additional improvements, trying to convince you to switch from your current messaging service to the supposedly more secure newest kid on the market.

Swype update: better number entry, two-word phrase prediction

Virtual keyboards have become as necessary to most users as any other app on their smartphone. Apps like Fleksy and SwiftKey have been adding a lot of new features that would make it easier for users to type out messages, and even include other multi-media attachments to make typing more fun. The latest one to bring an update to their app is Swype and it brings with it better ways of entering numbers and also predict two-word phrases better.

Sunrise now includes TV shows in its “interesting calendars” section

If you watch a lot of TV, it sometimes becomes a little problematic to keep track of all of them (unless you're the kind of person who writes everything on your datebook). You've probably wished there was an app that could add your shows automatically to your calendar, without having to input them manually. Well if you're a Sunrise user (and you probably should be one), then that problem is solved as they have now have the option to add TV shows to your calendar.

Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 now receiving Android Lollipop update

Who says the Android goodies will only come to flagship and/or high-end phones? Samsung seems to also be giving the chance for some of its mid-range devices to experience what a lot of users of newer Android devices are already experiencing. The latest to receive an Android 5.0 Lollipop update is the Galaxy Tab 4 10.1, and hopefully, this is just the kick-off for updates on the lesser known smartphones and tablets.

Mizuu developer to remove app from GPS, will stop updating

Quoting the late great Michael Jackson's last concert series "This Is It", Mizuu founder and developer Michell Bak announced that he was leaving the project he started due to various reasons. While the app would still be available for download elsewhere, he also said that he will be pulling out the app from the Google Play Store. While it is one of the more popular app manager for local files, he has had a few problems with Google over store policies.

HTC Lock Screen gets Material Design, new features

If you have an HTC device, then you must have been happy when sometime last year, they launched an app on Google Play Store that was just previously available for the newer smartphones like the HTC One M8. The HTC Lock Screen is pretty useful for those who are tired of constantly unlocking and then locking their phones, as it enables you to still access certain functions and features even without unlocking your device. A new update to the app brings even more useful features, particularly if you love to travel and go around places.

Roku mobile update: feed and voice search

If you have a Roku set-top box at home for your multi-media needs, then you definitely need to have the mobile app in order to still have control over your content and device. A new update to the app brings more goodies to the table with the brand new Roku Feed and voice search features now available for your smartphone and tablet. You still won't be able to watch videos and shows of course, but you can still research and keep updated with the content that you want to watch when you get home.