Wunderlist update: Material Design, folders, colorful home view

If you are highly dependent on your to-do lists to get you through the day, getting constant updates from your favorite app to create lists is always a welcome fact. If you're a fan of Wunderlist, one of the most popular, and if we may say so, one of the best productivity apps available, then you'd definitely want to read this, if you didn't know it yet: the app has been rebuilt from the ground up and it looks and seems pretty awesome.

Nexus 5, 6, 7, and 10 now ready for Android 5.1 OTA update

While other smartphones are still waiting to be upgraded to Android Lollipop 5.0, some Nexus smartphone and tablet owners will be able to receive another early gift. The OTA (over the air) update of Android 5.1 will be ready for rollout for the Nexus 5, 6, 7, and 10 devices over the next few weeks. The good folks from Android Beat very nicely posted the OTA update so you can have it even before the official updating begins.

Waze update: smoother navigation, progress bar, guided navigation

Despite the recent "controversies" it has gotten into, specifically with law enforcement who were not too pleased by the police feature in the app, Waze is still one of the more popular navigation apps out there, particularly for those driving through unfamiliar cities and towns and those trying to get out of regular or accidental traffic jams. The crowd-sourced app now has an update, with new features to make your drive and navigation even easier.

Evernote update: sleeker Material Design, enhanced collaborative design

The Material Design visual guidelines strongly suggested by Google has probably affected almost all apps that are found on Android devices. Some adapt it totally, while some who are more concerned with their app's aesthetics have managed to give their own take on the design, without necessarily aiming to look like all of the other ones who've adapted it. Evernote's latest update certainly incorporates Material Design and at the same time made way for some user-suggested changes and adjustments.

Widget RPG now lets you tap on Android Wear to level up

There are loads of RPGs on Android, from JRPGs to old school pixelated retro ones to brainless money-sucking ones. Out of all of those, Widget RPG stands alone in a class of its own. Why? Because the game, if you could call it that, is both insanely easy to play and insane in itself. All you need to do is tap on the homescreen widget, where the game takes its name, to gain experience. And now you can do that even on your smartwatch too.

Opera browser update: sync mobile and desktop

While most people use either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox (and hey, some are still loyal to Internet Explorer!) as their default browser for both mobile and desktop, there are also some out there that have a small but loyal following. Opera is one of those secondary apps which started out as a mobile alternative to the main browser powerhouses, but now has 300 million mobile users and 55 million desktop users. The latest update now gives you the ability to sync between devices.

Make editing batch pictures easier with VSCO’s copy + edit

Editing photos has definitely become easier for the layman with the advent of mobile photography apps. You just slide, swipe, and tap, and your photos look much better than if you had experimented on it with your basic photoshop skills, and you didn't even have to leave your smartphone. VSCO is one of the most popular camera apps on the market, and now they're making it even easier for you to edit multiple photos, if what you want to do to them is basically the same.

Hootsuite update: Material Design (of course), better syncing

For social media managers who take care of multiple accounts, an app like Hoosuite is definitely a god-send. Every update is something to look forward to as it helps take care of your Twitter, Facebook Pages, and other social networks and help you to not go crazy. This latest one is major in terms of design and user interface, adapting the visual guidelines that most Android apps have been using, and making it easier to sync your content wherever you are.

Cerberus anti-theft app updated, adds Android Wear support

Cerberus is one of those anti-theft apps that we covered recently, especially when it announced support for Android 5.0 Lollipop. It’s one of those apps that help Android users either locate and/or lock their devices when it gets stolen, and a very solid one, as it happens. The over 1 million downloads at the Google Play Store says a lot about the apps capabilities. It has now been updated to version 3.1 with some new features.