HTC DROID DNA gets unlocked without HTCdev

Some good news appeared over the holiday break for all you DROID DNA owners. While everyone was enjoying turkey, mashed potatoes and anything else those awesome Android developers were as usual, hard at work. The guys from @TeamAndIRC managed to unlock the brand new Verizon HTC DROID DNA. The important thing here is that they've done this without HTC's help.

Blu Products debuts Dash 3.5, a $99 unlocked smartphone

Typically, a smartphone that suports dual SIM cards without a contract from a carrier is quite expensive. Usually, the price for such phones is in the hundreds. However, the new Blu Dash 3.5 breaks the trend and comes in at just under one hundred dollars, which is quite impressive for a fully unlocked Android smartphone.

T-Mobile will add international HSPA+ bands this year

One of them most annoying things about being a gadget lover in America is that none of the wireless carriers share all of their radio bands, making switching a phone from one carrier to another somewhere between difficult and impossible. But it'll get a little easier by year's end, thanks to T-Mobile's continuing network upgrades. A company executive told journalists that it's adding more wireless spectrum in targeted bands, so that international HSPA+ phones will finally work with speeds faster than 2G.

Unlocked Galaxy Nexus on sale in the Google Play Store for $399

Here's a surprise: Google's suddenly returning to the Nexus One model of direct phone sales via its shiny new Google Play Store. You can go to the Play Store right now and order a brand new Galaxy Nexus (GSM/HSPA+ version) for the impressive price of $399, unlocked and SIM-free. This deal seems to only be working for the United States at the moment - reports from the UK say that they can't even view the page.

Sony Xperia S heads to Canada unlocked on April 17th

While not quite as flashy as some of the other flagship Android phones running around at the moment, the Sony Xperia S is still a drool-worthy device - and those of us in the Americas are drooling all the more because we can't have it yet. But if you happen to live above the 49th parallel, you won't have to wait much longer: Sony's bringing the Xperia S to Canada on April 17th (next Tuesday). There's a catch, though: you won't find it on any of Canada's cell phone providers, not even the previously rumored Rogers. You'll only be able to pick it up from Sony's website or an official Sony Store.

Sony Xperia S now available worldwide

Sony's new flagship has been getting a decent reception in early reviews from Europe, but if you've got a hankerin' to get your high-end smartphone on elsewhere in the world, you've been out of luck. Until now: the Xperia S is now shipping directly from Sony to retailers all over the world. For a paltry $674.99 (or its equivalent in local currency)  you too can get the stylish dual-core phone. Just add an active GSM SIM card and you're ready to go. And yes, Americans, you can get in on the action as well - Sony's one of the few phone companies that regularly releases unlocked versions of its phones in the United States.

HTC adds MyTouch 4G Slide and Evo View 4G to unlock tool

HTC won some major brownie point with the modder community when it released an official bootloader unlock tool this fall, though the selection of phones that could be unlocked was a bit small. Today the available devices expand by two, with the addition of T-Mobile's MyTouch 4G Slide and the Flyer's mobile broadband variant, the Evo View 4G. It's still a pretty small selection against HTC's entire lineup, but the more options, the better.
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