HTC One unlocked edition gets random $25 price increase

Well that's just a bummer. Recently it appears that team HTC has decided not to lower the price of their new handset, but actually increase it. The fully unlocked HTC One over on the HTC store went up in price this week from $574.99 to $600. There's no official word as to why we are seeing a price hike, but we have a few ideas as to why.

Samsung GALAXY S 4 bootloader hacked already

Well, that was fast. Thanks to those awesome developers we all love, the AT&T GALAXY S 4 bootloader has been hacked already. It was reported yesterday that the device was locked down tight, which was bad news and something Samsung usually doesn't do, but now it has already been exploited.

Google intentionally left Glass unlocked

Last week brought news that Google Glass was rooted and unlocked. And well, coming by way of updates from a pair of Google employees, it seems that isn't exactly as exciting as it originally sounded. You see, Google Glass was apparently left unlocked on purpose. The updates here began with one from Dan Morrill, which was later simplified by Stephen Lau.

AT&T will unlock your mobile phone

The topic of mobile phone unlocking has been rather hot since it became illegal back on January 26. Regardless of how many people actually plan to unlock a phone, it seems that this is a topic that is not ready to go away. We have seen everything from a petition to the White House to talk from the FCC chairman and even the Wireless Consumer Choice Act. Basically, it seems that everyone wants this decision to be reversed. In fact, we are now hearing from AT&T on this very subject.

Sony Xperia ZL heads to the US unlocked and in 3 colors

Similar to Sony's flagship Xperia Z, the impressive and slightly smaller Xperia ZL has been confirmed to be headed to the US by Sony themselves. Not only that but the 5-inch touting smartphone will be unlocked and usable on AT&T and T-Mobile. Then will even be offered in 3 sleek color options. More details can be had after the break.

Unlocking your phone: Petition started to make it legal

In case you've somehow missed the news over the past week or so, unlocking your smartphone to use on the carrier of your choice is now illegal. Even a phone you've purchased yourself. We can't do what we want with our own smartphone! Our coverage yesterday confirms just how bad of a taste that left in many of our readers mouths, so today we found a petition started to change the ridiculous law. More details after the break.
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