White House responds: It’s time to legalize phone unlocking – and tablets

This afternoon the White House has responded to the ongoing debate regarding unlocking our smartphones for use on other carriers. Their official response shows support for the consumer to have the choice should they please once they're no longer on contract, and the White House even mentions tablets. For those worried that unlocking cell phones is now illegal, read on for more details.

FCC chairman talks cell phone unlocking and current ban

As of late January it became illegal to unlock your phone. This came as a result of some changes to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) that were actually put in place back in October 2012. Basically, as it stands now -- you are not allowed to unlock your phone. That simply means that you cannot buy a phone for one carrier and unlock it for use on another carrier.

Petition to make unlocking phones legal hits goal – now up to Uncle Sam

Back on January 26th, it officially became illegal for phone owners to unlock their phones and smartphones for use on other carriers. Well, it's illegal to do so without the carriers consent and full cooperation. After the law went into place many were upset and a petition was started to make it legal again, today we're happy to announce the petition reached its goal of 100,000 signatures.

Petition to make unlocking phones legal again ends in 7 days

Back on January 26th we reported a story where unlocking smartphones has now become illegal. Not rooting, jailbreaking, or things of that nature, but unlocking a device to be used on different carriers. This exception to the DMCA was what made this legal, and that ended back on the 26th of January. For those looking to do something about it, read on below before time runs out.

Unlocking your phone: Petition started to make it legal

In case you've somehow missed the news over the past week or so, unlocking your smartphone to use on the carrier of your choice is now illegal. Even a phone you've purchased yourself. We can't do what we want with our own smartphone! Our coverage yesterday confirms just how bad of a taste that left in many of our readers mouths, so today we found a petition started to change the ridiculous law. More details after the break.

PSA: Unlocking your phone is illegal starting today

In case you haven't heard, starting today it will be illegal for users to unlock their phone. Yes a device you've actually paid for. While this has absolutely nothing to do with root, jailbreak, and tweaking phones like we all love to in the Android Community, it's still a shame. Thanks to some edits and tweaks made the the DMCA back in October it's now illegal to unlock a phone without carrier consent.

Motorola has no plans to unlock older devices

Sadly I'm not really surprised with the news that just landed in our tip box this afternoon. Motorola has just released an informal statement over on Twitter regarding the bootloader unlock process they've recently released. Today they've confirmed that older devices will not get their bootloaders unlocked.

Motorola finally unlocking bootloaders – for real this time

Great news! And yes it's actually true although we've heard Motorola sing this tune before. Today they've announced that starting with their new Motorola PHOTON Q they'll be unlocking bootloaders. On a very brief Blog post Motorola outlines that they'll also offer this to other devices in the future too -- but who knows how long that will take. We can probably all thank Google for this too.

AT&T HTC One X gets its bootloader unlocked

If you're the type that enjoys tweaking your Android smartphone (who doesn't) and have recently purchased the HTC One X we have good news today. After we reported on AT&T's efforts to lock down the bootloader it appears that they've failed because the trusty XDA developers have already got a solution. You can now safely and easily unlock the AT&T HTC One X bootloader using the method below.
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