Samsung shares inboxing, unboxing videos of Note 5 and Galaxy S6 edge+

Those drop tests and disassembly videos will really break any geek’s hearts but if done by Samsung professionals, then maybe it won’t be as painful to watch. Samsung Mobile has recently published two unboxing videos of the latest Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 edge+. They’re not heart-stopping because before the unboxing, there’s even a demonstration of the devices being built, assembled, and then boxed.

OnePlus 2 unboxing and hands on reveals premium feel

Our friends over at SlashGear got their hands on a real live OnePlus 2 smartphone very recently (we're still waiting for ours), and they posted some unboxing pics that we'd like to take part in. The OnePlus 2 is the second phone of that aggressive young upstart company based in China called OnePlus, who wowed the world before with the OnePlus One -- their first phone which had flagship specs but could be obtained at a price waaaay lower, albeit through an "invite only" system. Now we get to see what the OnePlus 2 looks like.

Omate TrueSmart: a Kickstarter shipment unboxing

Originally backed on the day the Omate TrueSmart Kickstarter launched, our shipment finally arrived earlier this morning. We realize plenty are still waiting, and while this may only serve to further tease you, we did want to offer this unboxing to address some complaints we have been seeing regarding the TrueSmart shipments.

Nexus 5 unboxing image surfaces

Still no official word from Google, however judging from the recent rash of retail inventory leaks, it looks like the prep work is being done for a soon to be launch. Rumor has it that Google will be announcing the Nexus 5 along with Android 4.4 Kit Kat on October 31 or November 1 and in the meantime, another handset image has surfaced. This one is slightly blurry and comes with little extra in terms of details, however it does appear to line up with earlier leaks.

Google Glass Explorer unboxing and sample videos hit the web

Earlier this week Google told us that their prized Project Glass would finally become a reality for those who pre-ordered last year at Google I/O. Stating that Google Glass was being pulled off the production floor and headed to a few lucky developers. While we patiently await ours to arrive, check out the first ever Google Glass unboxing video below, and even some video of glass recording Go Kart racing. It's pretty epic!

Verizon Galaxy Note II hands-on and unboxing

It's finally here. The Samsung Galaxy Note II complete with Verizon's ever expanding and extremely fast 4G LTE has landed on store shelves. As of yesterday the Note II is available in-stores and online from Big Red. Today we'll be taking a peek at this 5.5-inch smartphone phablet in the new Titanium Color, our personal favorite, then giving you a few pictures of the home button "decorations."

HTC DROID DNA unboxing and comparison

Tuesday the folks from HTC finally unveiled and announced their brand new 5-inch 1080p flagship smartphone. The all new HTC DROID DNA complete with top tier specs across the board. The device was leaked several times, but now we have our own for a quick unboxing video for everyone to enjoy. The DNA will be available in just one week, but lets take a peek below.

Motorola DROID RAZR HD unboxing and impressions

The official launch date for Motorola DROID fans to get their hands on the new RAZR HD is getting close. With Verizon and Motorola announcing the new RAZR-thin smartphone will be available in-stores and online starting October 18th. The wait is almost over with the phone being available later this week, but we'll give you a peek a bit early. Enjoy our hands-on and unboxing below.

LG Optimus G hands-on and unboxing

Today we have the pleasure to give you all another look at LG's new flagship smartphone. Of course that is the LG Optimus G quad-core 4G LTE powerhouse. We have it here to quickly unbox and get our hands all over once again. LG announced this device last month in Korea, and it will be arriving soon for multiple carriers here in the US. Lets take a look at the Now Network version below.
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