Huawei wins design award for Vision, sends Mediapad to UK

When you get shaken down by Microsoft's legal team, you know you've made it in the Android smartphone world. Chinese manufacturer Huawei has been honored with the IF Design Award for its forthcoming Vision handset, beating out considerable competition, Just a few days before helping to launch T-Mobile's de-branded Springboard tablet, Huawei has detailed plans for expanding its presence in the UK with both the Vision smartphone and the Mediapad Honeycomb tablet.

Amazon’s UK Galaxy Nexus launch slips to December 2nd

For those waiting on the Galaxy Nexus since its announcement three weeks ago, waiting has become a downright chore. The latest bit of bad news comes out of Amazon's UK division, where Phandroid spotted that the Galaxy Nexus' ship date has been pushed back to December 2nd, fifteen days after the official UK launch date of November 17th. Samsung hasn't changed their official date yet, but the Amazon shift doesn't look good. In the event that Amazon's date change doesn't extend to the entire country, the shift is a pretty big loss for the online retailer. With the UK and the rest of Europe currently scheduled to get some pure Nexus goodness of the 17th, early adopters aren't likely to wait around for Amazon to sort out some apparent supply chain issues. Of course, if the official date is soon to change, that would be a major let-down for Android fans across the UK and EU - a six-week gap between announcement and launch isn't exactly stellar. If UK customers are frustrated, US Android fans are starting to get downright irate. There still is no official word on a price or date for the Galaxy Nexus from Verizon, which has an exclusive on the Google phone for at least some time after its release. Current leaks point to November 17th, or November 21st, or November 28th, or later - your guess is as good as ours. At least the $299 on-contract price seems pretty stable. Google has historically kept a pretty tight grip on the Nexus line of phones, and it would be a good move for them to start telling their retail and carrier partners to stop messing around, before hungry developers start invading the Google campus in search of Nexii. Check out our hands-on looks at the Galaxy Nexus and Ice Cream Sandwich below: Galaxy Nexus Hands-on [vms 55018e2a459517fdb40e] Ice Cream Sandwich Hands-on [vms 4b1be110b7bf70c8362d] [device id=1740]

Google opens streaming film rentals to UK Android users

If you are an Android fan in the US, you have been able to rent and stream movies from Google via the Android Market for a long time. If you were an Android user in the UK the only way you could stream those rentals is by using a hack. We talked about that hack to let the streaming work in the UK back in August. You no longer need to hack things to rent movies on your Android device right from the Android Market in the UK.

Motorola DROID RAZR coming to the UK November 1st

The Motorola DROID RAZR will simply be known as the "Motorola RAZR" in every territory outside the United States, and at least one is getting right in front of the vague "November" launch date set for the phone. According to online retailer Clove, the first stock of Motorola RAZR will be available in the United Kingdom on November 1st. The price is £379 or £454.80 after some expensive Value Added Tax, which comes out to $716 USD.

Samsung says the Galaxy Note is for the female market

Speaking to a UK interviewer, a Samsung executive let slip that the upcoming Galaxy Note uberdevice will be targeted at women, not necessarily spec-hungry gadgeteers. Andrew Glass, Sales director for Samsung UK, made no bones about putting women squarely in the marketing crosshairs for the new device. The Galaxy Note's 5.3-inch screen is apparently Samsung's idea of a perfect purse size.

Samsung Galaxy Wi-Fi 5-inch and 3.6-inch confirmed for the UK

If you're not into the whole "smartphone" scene but still want a media player with more brains than you can shake an iPod Touch at, you're in luck (at least if you live in the United Kingdom). Samsung has officially announced the new Galaxy Wi-Fi in that market, an Android-based PMP cousin to the Galaxy line of phones and tablets. A 5-inch version is on sale now, while a smaller 3.65-inch version will make its way to retailers soon.

Samsung Galaxy Note coming to the UK November 17th

The much-anticipated smartphone/tablet hybrid Samsung Galaxy Note is coming in a lot faster than we expected. In a press release Samsung announced that the Galaxy Note is headed for the white cliffs of Dover on November 17th, just ten weeks after the device's premiere at IFA in Berlin. The phone will be available at retailers across the UK and Ireland.

O2 UK to get HTC Rhyme on October 17

I just mentioned the new smartphone that has launched from HTC called the HTC Rhyme. The smartphone is aimed at women wanting a cute smartphone more than the hardcore Android user looking for power. The Rhyme does come with some nice accessories though. If the Rhyme tickled your fancy and you are in the UK, O2 has announced that it will be getting the smartphone starting on October 17. That launch date isn't too far away.