Ubuntu for smartphones coming in October with developer access in February

We spent a bit of hands-on time with Ubuntu for smartphones during CES. If you remember back, this is the mobile version of Ubuntu and it has been demonstrated running on the Galaxy Nexus. It looks like a bit of good news has arrived though, talk of availability. Except, as we often see with smartphone releases, this one is looking like it will initially only be available in limited markets.

Canonical introduces Ubuntu for smartphones

While this isn't the first time we've seen Android and Ubuntu play nice together, this does mark a new era for the platform. Today software maker Canonical announced Ubuntu for phones, which aims to make superphones also be a full PC. They've already crammed Android and Ubuntu together for dock webtop like features, but this is their full-fledged OS.

Android Community Weekly: February 25, 2012

It's time for another weekly roundup of the top Android tech news for the week. With Mobile World Congress only a day away, we're sure you're dying to see what the near future of mobile devices holds. We've put together an article on what to expect, so it would be a bit easier to keep an eye out for breaking news. There still could be some surprises, but we'll just have to wait and experience the event for ourselves.

Canonical brings Android and Ubuntu together in perfect Unity

Yesterday we spoke briefly about a rumored feature in Android Jelly Bean that could turn any Android smartphone into a dockable desktop computer. Turns out that FOSS publisher Canonical seems to be one step ahead of El Goog: they've managed to cram both Ubuntu and Android Gingerbread onto the same hardware. In effect, it's like using two different machines in different modes: when the smartphone is in its "normal" mode, it works like any Android handset. When it's docked, you get access to the full Ubuntu interface. Based on the screenshots, you can run Android applications withing the Ubuntu interface, but probably no the other way around. You'll also be able to view the phone's screen while using Ubuntu on a monitor.

Nexus S Boots and Runs Ubuntu

Oh my goodness! How would you like your Nexus S, which recently of course booted up MeeGo, to boot you up some lovely Ubuntu? It's totally possible, and it's done by the same dude as did the MeeGo boot! XDA developer forum member, stroughtonsmith — or Steven Troughton-Smith brings us all we need to get started.

NOOKcolor Hacked and Given Ubuntu

Having reviewed the NOOKcolor myself, hands on and clicking, reading and watching videos, all that stuff firsthand, I can tell you that this little pad has some juice to it. But it's locked down. It's a closed system made so that only Barnes and Noble can allow apps in, and only apps they've approved, apps having to do with reading only. So what does the hacker community do when a GRAVE INJUSTICE like this goes down? They bust it open and free it up. You might remember a few weeks ago when NOOKcolor was Rooted, giving it eventually things like Android 2.2 Froyo and Android Marketplace, now what would you like? How about Ubuntu?
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