Ubuntu for Android

Ubuntu Touch phone launches pushed till 2015

Canonical began teasing an Ubuntu Touch hardware partner back in December. At the time Canonical CEO Mark Shuttleworth mentioned how they had concluded their first set of agreements. Shuttleworth didn't offer any specifics in terms of who the partner(s) would be, however at the time he was suggesting these devices would begin showing up later in 2014. It seems there has been a bit of a change in plan though, and now those handsets are not expected to arrive until sometime net year.

Ubuntu Touch device support dwindles

Canonical has announced some changes in terms of device support for Ubuntu Touch. The list once included the 2012 and 2013 variants of the Nexus 7 as well as the Nexus 10 for tablets and the Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 4 for smartphones. Furthermore, many were expecting support to be added for the Nexus 5. Moving forward though, the list will be cut to one tablet and one smartphone.

Ubuntu and Android dual-boot developer preview released

There have been a few dual-boot solutions for Android users. One in particular came from MoDaCo and allowed users to dual-boot between the stock and GPe versions of software on the HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S 4. And well, it looks like there is another option for those looking to dual-boot Ubuntu and Android.

Canonical Ubuntu Edge Indiegogo update brings another price change

Canonical launched the Ubuntu Edge Indiegogo campaign back on July 22nd. At the time they had a few pricing options available with deals for those who jumped in quickly. A few days after that initial launch we saw the pricing restructured. And by restructured, we are referring to a wider variety of pricing options. Well, flash forward till today and it looks like that same campaign has once again had some price changes.
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