Two more Aakash Tablet models headed for India

The new crop of ultra-cheap reader tablets have nothing on the Ubislate/Aakash, Datawind's dirt-cheap tablet for the Indian educational market. In addition to the slightly updated Ubislate 7+, the Ubislate 7C will soon grace shelves and schoolrooms on the subcontinent. The only difference between the two is that the 7+ uses a resistive touchscreen while the 7C uses a more modern capacitive model - the same kind that's installed on pretty much every smartphone and tablet out there.

$35 Indian “Aakash” tablet may come to Philadelphia schools

There's been a lot of excitement ion the last few months over India's state-sponsored Android tablet, the Aakash (AKA "Ubislate") manufactured by Canadian OEM DataWind. Its incredibly low (and subsidized) price of between $35 and $50 US dollars has given it millions of users in the crowded country, particularly among the students and teachers that qualify for the discount. Now the Financial Express reports that the tablet, or something very similar, may be getting trial runs in the Philadelphia public school system.

Aakash 2 Android tablet hits India next month for $40

The popular Aakash Tablet has been discussed plenty. The $35 Android tablet designed for India's student population, and we have good news today regarding the Aakash 2 next-gen tablet. It isn't really next-gen in terms of tablets as a whole but in terms of what you get, and for the low price of $40, or possible free, it will be epic. New details have confirmed it will hit the streets of India in April for just $40.

India’s Aakash Tablet gets a mild upgrade: Ubislate 7+

The Indian tablet market has its own product to set the world on Fire: the Aakash, a 7-inch, resistive screen tablet that runs Froyo. It can't do much, but many aparently think it's just enough: the tablet sells for the local equivalent of $35 to students and teachers. The original has reportedly sold over a million units. Now there's a slightly improved commercial version available, going by the name "Ubislate 7+" (though the original device had so many codenames and monikers that it might not be the final or only one). The new model gets a modest bump in specs and runs Gingerbread as well.