Verizon DROID smartphone incoming as ‘DroidLanding’ initiates [Update]

Oh snap, what do we have here? For all you longtime readers and Verizon fans, the extremely popular @DroidLanding Twitter page (official by the way) has been a source for upcoming Verizon DROID smartphones for a long time. Dating back to the DROID X, Motorola DROID 2/3, and much more. The promotional Twitter page has been silent since the original DROID RAZR in November of 2011, and today it has fired up again and has our interest seriously piqued.

Falcon Pro Twitter client gets fancy new logo – resets token access again

The fancy app and Twitter client Falcon Pro, which is still arguably one of the best and most popular Twitter apps for Android has received a nice new update. However, it is causing a few issues for many while also resetting the log-in and making users start all over. Twitter imposes a ridiculous 100,000 user limit for 3rd party apps, and as a result this app has already reached the limit multiple times. The developer has freed up a few unused tokens, but read on below for more details.

Vine surpasses Instagram as top Social App on Google Play

With Android and iOS apps hitting all time sales highs, and with social connectivity and applications at a whole new peak, Vine has taken the Gold Crown of Social App status away from Instagram. That means that where Instagram previously stood before, at #1 in Social App status on Google Play, now lies Vine. It seems as if then, that consumers really, really like 6 second video clips...

Vine for Android gets its first update, camera still needs work

For that that missed the news yesterday, Vine for Android was officially released to the public. Following a rush of users the app was down for a good part of the afternoon, but now you're able to create 6 second clips with ease all on your Android device. It's their initial release, and isn't anything near the iOS version, but getting its first update already.

Falcon Pro v2.0 enters the Play Store as a public beta

Falcon Pro offered a bit of a teaser for the 2.0 update earlier this morning and it looks like you can now download that update. The one catch here, Falcon Pro 2.0 is still available in beta form. Assuming you don't mind playing with a beta release, this is open and available for those wanting to check things out. The Falcon Pro beta is being handled through the Play Store and requires nothing more than a few clicks and a minute or so to update the app on your device.

Falcon Pro v2.0 update teased ahead of release

The Falcon Pro Twitter account was updated to version 1.9 back in early May. That particular update brought some new customization options and some new features and was followed up with a smaller bug fixing update later in May. And well, coming back to the present day and it looks like we are getting closer to seeing the Falcon Pro v2.0 update. The developer has yet to reveal a release date, however he has begun to do some teasing.

Twitter update improves image sharing and adds richer notifications

The latest Twitter app update has landed in the Play Store. This update has arrived as version 4.1.0 and with improvements to image sharing and notifications. Anyway, while there are a few changes in this update, it seems the key change is the one dealing with the image sharing. When launching the updated app things will initially look the same, however tapping the tweet button will show you the changes.

ASUS Padfone Infinity rumors point towards a U.S. release

The folks from ASUS have some pretty impressive devices they've released lately. Between the ASUS Padfone Infinity being an awesome smartphone, and tablet, to the FonePad with an Intel Inside. However, their devices haven't made it stateside if they rock phone capabilities. A few new comments on Twitter have our interest piqued. With ASUS pointing towards a U.S based announcement at Computex.