Twitter app for Android tablets leaked, get it now

Last week at the annual IFA conference in Berlin, Germany, the folks from Samsung showed off and announced a new Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 edition tablet. Along with improved specs and a decent slate, a few eagle eyed viewers found a surprise. What was that? An official Twitter tablet-optimized app. Something that should have been released 2-3 years ago.

Twitter for Android update improves search and login security

The latest Twitter app update has arrived in the Play Store. This one is bringing improvements to search and to the login verification process. Beginning first with the search improvements, this one deals with social context and images. The social context portion may sound familiar as it was introduced on the web last week.

Carbon for Twitter updated with a slew of fixes for fonts, Vine, and more

Another update to the popular Twitter app Carbon arrived this weekend bringing a slew of fixes, performance tweaks, and much more. The developer has been busy as of late, and this is the second major update to Carbon for Twitter this month alone, and many will be happy to see the changelog. All those font and Vine issues are fixed, and that's only the beginning.

App Updates: Chrome Browser, Facebook Beta, Robird and more

This weekend there was all sorts of app updates, but a few in particular have been updated as of last night and this morning worth mentioning. Of course, there's far too many apps to keep track of, but a few important apps were updated and we figured a shout out was in order for things like the Facebook Beta, and our favorite Twitter app.

HTC teases the One mini, hints at unveiling tomorrow

We know the HTC One mini is coming. In fact we've seen countless leaks of the hardware, software, and everything else in between. All we need at this point is some official details right from HTC themselves, followed by a release date. While we're still waiting for HTC to reveal the device, today the company is teasing something "little" coming tomorrow over on Twitter.

Carbon for Twitter v1.2.0 arrives with new features and fixes

Arriving as nice weekend update, version 1.2.0 of Carbon for Twitter has arrived in the Google Play Store. This update has brought a nice mix of new features, some changes to existing features and even some bug fixes. Or more to the point for those fixes, the Carbon team has said this update includes a "ton" of bug fixes along with some overall performance and stability enhancements.

Twitter updated with read message sync across all devices and platforms

Twitter for Android received a rather excellent update today, bringing a feature we've all been waiting for. While the update has multiple changes, the first one is most important. It's cross device/platform sync of read messages. This means once you've read a direct message, it won't be listed as unread online, on your tablet, iPad, or other smartphones.

Falcon Pro v2.0.4 update arrives outside the Play Store

Falcon Pro has been one of the more popular Twitter apps. While that statement by itself sounds like something to be happy about, there is another side that brings some issues not only for the developer but for those trying to continue using the app. That issue deals with tokens and the fact that Twitter has a 100,000 limit available for third-party apps.