Domino’s Pizza lets customers order with a pizza emoji on twitter

If you are the sort that lives off Domino's pizza and are constantly tweeting this or that from your mobile phone or computer, a new pizza order method is landing soon in the US that you will love. Domino's is rolling out a system that will allow customers to tweet to order a pizza. The delivery chain will become the first major pizza franchise to use twitter on an ongoing basis for orders.

Meerkat now available in beta version for Android

Meerkat is once again, one step ahead of its main competitor, Twitter's Periscope when it comes to getting into the Android market. Just two weeks after the live video streaming service opened up its doors for beta testers, they have now released the official beta version, available for all Android users through the Google Play Store. Meanwhile, Periscope has not yet announced anything official about moving on to Android, despite assurances that they will be on the platform soon.

Waze’s Unusual Traffic informs you of traffic problems in your area

If you live in an area where high vehicular traffic during rush hour is a common occurrence, then you already know to adjust your leaving time to it. But what of those unexpected moments when there's a huge pile up on the highway or when a road construction is causing unusual traffic in your area? While the Waze app does a good job of sometimes letting you know of things like that, they thought of another more organized way to do it: Waze Unusual Traffic.

Twitter Highlights gives you the best tweets that you may have missed

Twitter is a really great source of news, useless information, new online discoveries, and yes, even conversations with friends. But with the amount of people that you follow, and with the limited amount of time (we assume) that you have for checking on your various social networks, some things may be lost in the void. Twitter is introducing a new feature called Highlights that will make you get the best out of the micro-blogging site and it is also personalized according to what you need or want to see.

Twitter revises policies and procedures for abusive tweets/accounts

Social media is both a boon and a bane to humanity for so many reasons. And while it is indeed interesting and fun to go on Twitter, read updates and opinions, and start conversations, a lot of times we encounter abusive tweets and users, whether directed at us or those that we see thrown at other people. Twitter is now introducing new policies and procedures to curb abusive tweets and to punish those who are sending said tweets.

Twitter releases new free-for-all DM settings (if you want to)

While it is fun to have public conversations on social media, there are some discussions that need to be taken to a more private setting. And if that convo you're having is on Twitter, your best recourse is Direct Messaging. But what if the person/entity is not following you or you're not following them? An awkward "Please follow me" is not great to see on your timeline. Good thing Twitter has now changed the way we can use DMs for a (hopefully) better interaction.

Meerkat live video streaming service now accepting Android beta testers

It's shaping up to be an almost battle between the live video streaming services. Twitter just recently launched their own service called Periscope, but they weren't the first one out the door. Meerkat caught mobile users' attention when it made its debut at the recent South by Southwest (SXSW) tech and arts festival in Austin. People thought that Twitter's entry into that still very small market will mean Meerkat will go away meekly. But don't count them out, as they have just announced that they are opening their Android beta for testers.

Twitter now explains why the trending topics are trending

This has probably happened to you once or twice (or a lot). You need to do some social media research on what are the trending topics or you're bored and just want to know what people are talking about on Twitter. So you click on the trending topics, but more than half of what's there is indecipherable to you (what the heck is a #KathNiel? A new breed of feline?). Twitter wants to help you solve the trending riddle with the latest update to the app.

Twitter’s revamped “quote tweet” functionality coming soon to Android

This is a common occurrence for Twitter users. You see a tweet that you really, really like but instead of just retweeting it, you'd like to add a short comment or reaction. Unfortunately, the 140 character rule means that you can't fully express your comment, which defeats the purpose of the quote tweet. Or you sometimes just use an emoji, which is always not enough. The micro-blogging giant has announced they are revamping this functionality, and hopefully, it will reach Android soon.

Twitter testing out built-in browser in Android app

If you've been using a third-party app to read your Twitter timeline, the idea of browsers within the app itself is not something new. But if you're still loyal to the native Twitter app, then you're used to tweets with links redirecting to your device's default browser, and sometimes, it's kind of annoying. Well, now apparently, your favorite 140-character social network is testing out a built-in browser, and it's about time, really.
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