Motorola Giving Away Five Droid 3s on Twitter

With how much I've been writing about the Droid 3, I'm starting to think maybe not acknowledging the Droid 3 wasn't such a bad idea on Moto's part. Either way with a dual-core processor and 5 row qwerty keyboard the Droid 3 is a pretty sweet phone and the top of the line if you want a physical keyboard. Now that its admitted it exists Motorola's giving 5 of them away via Twitter.

HTC EVO 3D and Sensation Overclocked to 1.7 Ghz

Did any of you guys see this coming? I did but not this soon as the EVO 3D and Sensation 4G are still locked down. No kernel source has been released and the bootloaders are still locked tight for the time being. The man behind the photo you see below is Michael Huang who is the developer behind setCPU, you can follow him on twitter at @coolbho3k. Following him on Twitter he has just teased all of you proud EVO 3D and Sensation owners showing you what is coming soon.

Gameloft Giving Away 3 HD+ Games This Weeknd FREE

Popular game publishers Gameloft have been doing great in mobile gaming, we all love their releases as you can count on some top quality graphics and gameplay. It appears that this weekend they are kicking off a nice Giveaway for those that follow them on Twitter and Facebook. They are offering three Android HD+ titles for FREE this weekend. One each day on Friday, Saturday, and then Sunday.

HTC Staying True on Their Word, Working Hard to Allow Bootloader Unlocks

I know HTC and the bootloader issue has been in the news off and on as of late, but it seems lately they have been answering more tweets and Facebook posts regarding the issue. Just this morning we noticed three responses all regarding bootloaders in a row on Twitter, and even a few on Facebook as well. At least HTC is actually updating the public and giving us hope that this change is coming soon.

Android Community App of the Week: TweetCaster HD for Honeycomb

I must say that ever since I got my Motorola Xoom I've been wishing for a good Twitter client on honeycomb. TweetComb first came out and we did a mini review on that. Later it went from being a paid app to free for all. Personally it is nice but it is too similar to Tweetdeck for PC and I didn't like the small size and having all three panels always open. TweetCaster has came to the rescue for all us android tablet users and so far I love it.

TweetComb, Tablet Optimized Twitter App, Now Free in Market

We gave you a quick look at TweetComb, the first, Twitter client, optimized for tablets not too long ago. The app was definitely pretty, if not a little less intuitive than we'd have liked for it's $2.99 price tag. Starting today though, the apps creator, Chris Stewart has made it, and another of his apps, Newsr, free to download on the Android Market.

Plants vs Zombies coming to an Android near you soon

PopCap games is a name you have probably heard before. They make games for Playstation, Xbox, iOS and Android. The highly popular Plants vs Zombies has been a game Android users have been wanting for a long time, and today we got a little clarification as to when it is coming, that being "soon". @PopCap_Games tweeted today that they plan to release it the first half of 2011. So within the next two months.