Twitter for Android update released, expanded Tweets added

An update to the official Twitter app has been delivered on Android, and along with it comes a handful of cool new features no Twitter user should be without. By far the most exciting addition to the Android Twitter app are expanded tweets, but there's also an expansion to Twitter's search autocomplete tool and new push notifications that you might like to know about. Hit the jump to catch all the details.

Twitter for Android gets huge update with new UI and notification options

Twitter for Android just received a pretty sizable update in the Google Play Store. The update actually brings tons of new features and this in a lot more than just a small bug fix update. With an improved UI, faster performance, new ways to discover, push notifications for retweets and more. Check out the screenshots and full change-log below for all the details.

BlingBoard: The ultimate all-in-one social widget [Hands-on]

One of my favorite parts of Android has always been the widgets. Developers come up with all types of awesome widgets for our phones but today I've ran across one that just might be my new favorite. It's called BlingBoard: Social Widget and it is exactly that. The ultimate social widget for Android bringing everything from Gmail, Twitter, missed calls and more into one easy to use and beautiful widget. Enjoy more details and hands-on video below.

Plume Twitter client updated with ICS interface

Twitter clients are a dime a dozen for Android, but Plume (previously known as Toiteur) is one of the best. Its simple bot capable interface has won it a lot of fans... but its lack of Ice Cream Sandwich-friendly menus hasn't. That changes today, as developer LevelUp Studio released a new version of Plume that incorporates all of the design elements that are becoming a standard for Android going forward. The standard Plume for Twitter app is still free, with in-stream ads, and the premium version costs $4.99. Plume's interface is deceptively simple: it's got the standard "stream" view that's so common among Twitter clients, and you swipe left or right to move between your established columns. (Tablets can display three columns at a time, but only in landscape mode as shown above.) The popular views are available, including the "fire hose", direct messages, retweets and @ replies, and so on. As someone who uses Twitter's List function regularly, I've found that Plume supports it the best among all the apps I've tried, easily adding your subscribed lists to their own column. The primary changes are that popular menu functions have been translated to the Action Bar, like all of Google's standard Android apps on Ice Cream Sandwich and you can view those below. The new layout is simple, easy to understand, and very fluid. Plume's widget options are pretty great, too, allowing you to easily switch between your main feed, @ replies and private messages. The widget also plays nice with Ice Cream Sandwich's widget resize capability, on both smartphones and tablets. Give it a try if you're unimpressed with Twitter's official client or TweetDeck. [gallery]

Sonar: Local social networking lands for Android

The popular local and location based social networking application Sonar is finally available for Android today in a limited beta. Sonar pulls data from publicly available profiles from Foursquare, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook and brings it all into a single application. It sounds a little scary I know, but we are hearing great things about this new social experience.

Tony Hawk teases possible T-Mobile Galaxy Nexus

There is no denying T-Mobile customers would love Galaxy Nexus from the carrier although many are using the GSM unlocked version at this time. T-Mobile hasn't announced anything regarding a possible T-Mobile Galaxy Nexus but a recent twitter post by their good friend and pro skater Tony Hawk might have revealed their plans. Posting a picture on twitter with the Galaxy Nexus and the words "I love T-Mobile".

Official Android Developers now on Google+

Android and Google just keep getting more and more social. After making an official Twitter and Google+ page late last year they are back and now have an official social page for all things Android Development. The Android dev team now has a dedicated social space for developers to meet, share, learn, and connect with one another.