Twitter co-founder wants developers to come back 

It wasn’t too long ago when Twitter decided that app developers were having too much fun with their data and decided to limit and even restrict access to their API, leading some of these third-party apps to eventually close down or morph into something totally different. But now co-founder and board member Evan Williams believes it’s time to mend the breach and ask developers back into the fold now that they have finally figured out more or less what Twitter really is: a realtime news platform.

Project Lightning to make following events on Twitter easier

A super secret project that Twitter has been working on is about to be unveiled for public use soon. Called Project Lightning, it's all about helping curate the best content on the micro-blogging site to help users, and even non-users, follow and keep up to date with all tweets, posts, videos, pictures, that are relevant to an ongoing global event, cultural phenomenon or breaking news story. Since Twitter is probably the social media venue that best serves this kind of online conversation, it is a logical next move for them.

Twitter shakeups: 140 character limit in DM gone, CEO steps down

Have you ever had a really intense discussion with someone on Twitter through DM, but the flow keeps getting interrupted since you are still limited to 140 characters per message? Well, aside from moving your conversation elsewhere, you had no choice back then, but come July, you'll finally be able to send someone a really, really long private message on the micro-blogging network. Meanwhile, after much pressure from investors, Dick Costolo has stepped down as CEO.

Twitter now allows taking of landscape videos through app

Most of the various kinds of mobile video apps that we have today, like Vine, Instagram, Periscope, etc have one thing in common: they all want you to take videos the portrait way. But sometimes, having a square screen isn't all that great, especially when the video you're taking involves either a lot of people or beautiful scenery. Twitter now allows you to take landscape videos on its mobile apps, giving you options on what you'd like your video to look like, orientation-wise.

Live broadcast app Periscope now available on Android

Months after it initially launched, on the iOS app obviously, the live broadcast app Periscope has now finally arrived on Android. Unlike their comeptitor Meerkat, which came to this platform stage by stage from testing to beta to full, they have released the fully functional (hopefully) version their first time around. Through the app, you can watch and record live broadcasts that you can share with the world or you can share only to those that you want to see your recorded event.

Google adds Tweets on mobile app search results

Google once again is bringing more relevant information to search results by adding Tweets to Google Search on mobile devices. Some people already search for terms on Twitter but with this development, real time tweets and content from Twitter can now be seen on actual search engine results right on your Google app or mobile web browser.

Meerkat is now officially out of beta for Android

We still haven't heard a peep from Twitter's Periscope since they said they're working on it (that was last month), but its arch rival Meerkat is several steps ahead of them in the Android market. Just a few hours ago, they announced that the live video streaming app is finally out of beta and is officially live on the Google Play Store. The developers have been pretty fast in moving the app from the testing stage to beta and out of it in just a span of a few weeks.

Domino’s Pizza lets customers order with a pizza emoji on twitter

If you are the sort that lives off Domino's pizza and are constantly tweeting this or that from your mobile phone or computer, a new pizza order method is landing soon in the US that you will love. Domino's is rolling out a system that will allow customers to tweet to order a pizza. The delivery chain will become the first major pizza franchise to use twitter on an ongoing basis for orders.

Meerkat now available in beta version for Android

Meerkat is once again, one step ahead of its main competitor, Twitter's Periscope when it comes to getting into the Android market. Just two weeks after the live video streaming service opened up its doors for beta testers, they have now released the official beta version, available for all Android users through the Google Play Store. Meanwhile, Periscope has not yet announced anything official about moving on to Android, despite assurances that they will be on the platform soon.

Waze’s Unusual Traffic informs you of traffic problems in your area

If you live in an area where high vehicular traffic during rush hour is a common occurrence, then you already know to adjust your leaving time to it. But what of those unexpected moments when there's a huge pile up on the highway or when a road construction is causing unusual traffic in your area? While the Waze app does a good job of sometimes letting you know of things like that, they thought of another more organized way to do it: Waze Unusual Traffic.
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