TweetDeck details it’s Android User base

TweetDeck, currently ending it’s public beta, has released some interesting information to the internet tonight. Specifically they have released information regarding which devices have been using the application across their 36,427 beta testers and their version of Android - even customized modifications. They are shocked at the amount of “custom roms and crazy phones” were caught running the application, and are pleased that their application could work across so many devices and software versions of Android.

Updated TweetDeck comes to Android, now with three widgets

When the TweetDeck beta was released early last month users were disappointed to see that the application did not have any widgets associated with it. However, now with the latest update they bring not one, but three widgets. [caption id="attachment_12928" align="aligncenter" width="324" caption="Currently bugged layout in Post Tweet widget"][/caption]

TweetDeck Beta for Android Now Available for Download

Just as we had reported yesterday, after the initial leak of the older version of TweetDeck for Android, the company has officially opened their doors to the public Beta for the Twitter client. You'll have to go through some steps to get your fingers moseying through the brand new client, but that's not a problem, right? For as long as you've probably waited for TweetDeck to make an appearance on Android, what's another few more clicks to gain access to the Beta?

TweetDeck for Android Leaks to the Wild [Update]

When TweetDeck promised that a public Beta would be made available some time this week, we don't imagine that this is exactly what they meant. But, then again, unless this isn't the final version, at least it means that plenty of folks out there are going to be able to get their hands on it, and try it out on their own devices. And, we're sure that's exactly what TweetDeck folks want.

TweetDeck for Android Gets Shown Off by TweetDeck CEO

While we all wait for the public Beta of TweetDeck for Android to kick off some time this week, why not subject ourselves to a nice little tease of the software running on a Nexus One? That sounds like a plan, right? Good. Because the TweetDeck CEO, Iain Dodsworth, has gone on record, thanks to his Twitter account, and shown off what it's like to sign into the mobile client of their famous Twitter client.

TweetDeck for Android Beta Coming This Week

When it comes to Twitter clients, we are all fully aware that Android has plenty of options. And, by now, you've probably already decided which one you like the best, for the most obvious, and perhaps not so obvious, reasons. Or, perhaps you've just settled on one because you've been waiting for one particular application to reach the Android Market. If that client is TweetDeck, then you should be pretty excited by the news that title up there suggests.
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