Tweetdeck lives a little longer with Twitter API v1 extension

Just when I was starting to come to the sad realization that Tweetdeck was shutting down, and Twitter would be retiring their original v1 API on May 7th, we learn that they've extended the date. For those confused, many original legacy Twitter clients like the super popular Tweetdeck all run on v1, and once it's retired they'll no longer work. Twitter confirmed today they've delayed the retirement date.

Twitter kills TweetDeck for Android, shuts down Facebook integration

We have some sad news today from the folks at Twitter regarding the highly popular Android, iOS, and desktop client TweetDeck. After acquiring the company in 2011 and basically letting the Android app go completely neglected, Twitter today confirmed they'll be killing the awesome app all together. They'll remove it from the Play Store, deactivate Facebook integration, and soon remove its access completely.

Twitter buys Tweetdeck for up to $50 mill

One true way to clear out the competition, is to buy it all up. And sometimes, buying one company can prevent a cornering of the market. That looks to be what Twitter has done with Tweetdeck by snatching the alternative micro-blog out of the hands of UberMedia with a bid of $40-50 million dollars.

TweetDeck for Android beta v1.0.6 released

TweetDeck beta 1.0.6 for Android has been released, for those at the very cutting edge of mobile social networking. The new release sees the friend database code rewritten for boosted performance, Facebook photos changing automatically within the app when a user's profile is updated, and the ability to see full-sized profile pictures within the app. Meanwhile there's also a shift to Foursquare's v2.0 API, which should mean less data used in the process, and various fixes including how dates are formatted. You can download the APK file directly here.

Tweetdeck for Android now has more users than on Macs

TweetDeck, the ever popular Twitter client found on Mobile devices and Macs, has just had it's Android user base pass it's Mac user base. In a Tweet from the companies Twitter account we were informed of the feat as TweetDeck continues to grow.

TweetDeck For Android updated to 1.0.2

Tweetdeck is one of the most popular Twitter applications for Android, with just under a month under it's official release, it's received an update that address a few issues. Now version 1.0.2, a few fixes have been added to the slick application.

Android and Tweetdeck Fathers Reply to Steve Jobs Putdowns

As you may have some knowledge of if you were listening to the Apple earnings call yesterday, Steve Jobs himself let himself be heard on more than one subject, with some choice words for brands such as Android and Tweetdeck. Now there's a bit of reply on the part of Andy Rubin (father of Android), and Iain Dodsworth (CEO of TweetDeck) through their Twitter accounts. Both of them aren't exactly pleased with situation, but both seem to have kept their witty humor intact for the jab back.
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