Time Warner Cable TV streaming denied to Android root users

Android users had to wait over a year for a version of the Time Warner Cable app that streamed live video in addition to programming and schedule features. And it's finally here - but not for everybody. The latest update to the TWC TV app in the Google Play Store adds live streaming for Ice Cream Sandwich tablets and smartphones, but if you're rooted, you're out of luck - streaming video is blocked for all rooted devices. Users are reporting their frustration in the app reviews section, with dozens calling the move unfair.

Time Warner Cable: ICS Android app will get video streaming soon

In a trend that's frustratingly common among TV service providers, Time Warner Cable published an Android app - minus the TV streaming aspect that iOS versions of the app enjoy. TWC has been  talking up a functional upgrade for Android users for some time, but they finally came out with a semi-solid plan for adding streaming to the app, with a targeted release before Memorial Day (May 28th). There's a catch, though: you'll only be able to stream video if your device runs Ice Cream Sandwich.

Winter is coming… so download the Westeros Map from A Game of Thrones

If you're a fantasy junkie and/or an HBO subscriber, odds are pretty good that you've been eagerly awaiting the return of the hit series A Game of Thrones. It's a serial adaptation of George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire novels, and HBO's second season of the show begins on Sunday night. If you haven't read the books (or even if you have) you're probably a little lost when it comes to the expansive geography of the novels. Never fear, viewers: the Westeros Map app from developer Sergey Rekuz is here to help.

Sky Go video streaming app announced for HTC and Samsung phones

Do you live in the UK? Love TV? Jealous of Hulu? (Don't be - we have to pay for it on Android.) Own a recent Samsung or HTC Android phone? Then you're in luck: the other British broadcaster, Sky, has plans to release its Sky Go on select Android devices at the end of February. UK cell phone site 3G broke the news. Unlike most contemporary video streaming apps, the Sky Go app is live TV, letting users choose between 39 different channels at once. Sky Go was previously exclusive to iOS, because Sky hates fun didn't recognize the incredibly growth of the Android platform at the time.

Myriad partners with Broadcom for Alien Vue Android apps on TVs

We first heard about Alien Vue, the latest project from Myriad, a few weeks ago. Unlike the alien Dalvik software which allows rudimentary virtualized Android apps on various other platforms, Alien Vue takes them to a place that could actually use an expanding app environment: televisions. Now Broadcom has partnered with the software engineering company to bring Android apps to the masses. The chip maker will be distributing hardware that will allow future TVs to run apps designed for Android code.

FilmOn AIR hopes to bring ATSC TV to your Android phone

Netflix is great. So is HBO Go. But sometimes you don't want HBO, you want TV. For that, IPTV startup FilmOn hopes to change the dynamic of mobile video by releasing a small and cheap tuner for its services, compatible with all major computing devices including Android. The company hopes that the FimOn AIR tuner will function as a work-around for its legal woes, as it battles the major television producers in the United States over rebroadcasting rights.

Swedish firm outs world’s first Android TV

We heard about the People of Lava Android TV back in April. The set is making waves again with a larger 55-inch model that is like hanging a big Android phone on the wall according to the oddly named firm behind the TV. As of right now, the set is only offered in Scandinavia, but the firm hopes to roll the sets out to the US later.
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