Tumblr blog editing arrives with latest app update

Tumblr has had an Android app available for quite a while now, except there was some missing functionality. In the past Tumblr users were able to create posts, comment on posts and also reply to comments using the Android app. The missing piece was the ability to customize the look of their blog.

Tumblr Android app updated, takes advantage of new search features

Tumblr has seen an update, and it’s oddly simple — but brilliant. This time around, we’ll get the ability to search for multiple tags or topics at once, and return different results when we use the hashtagging feature. This has been around for a few months, but is only recently available for Android.

Tumblr for Android update brings search and discovery improvements

The folks at Tumblr have rolled out the latest Android app update. This update has arrived as version 3.4.0 and it currently available in the Google Play Store. This latest update probably isn't what many would consider a game changer in that it does include countless new features, but it does bring some improvements in terms of search and discovery.

Tumblr releases a new redesigned Holo-inspired Android app

Today we have some excellent news for all you Tumblr fans that have been waiting for a better Android experience straight from Tumblr themselves. This afternoon they've just released their all-new redesigned and improved app for Android complete with a Holo-inspired user interface and more. Check it out after the break.

Tumblr reaches 100 million blogs, 72 million posts per day

Everyone can be a blogger in today's day and age, and a lot of that we owe to Tumblr. This week we've learned that the massive and extremely popular social and blogging site has reached an impressive milestone in March of 2013. Tumblr now has over 100 million blogs on the site, a number which has doubled in under a year after being around 50m in April of 2012.

Tumblr for Android app update brings tablet support

Those using Tumblr and carrying around an Android tablet will be happy to learn that an update has arrived. And yes, it does involve proper support for Android tablets. That alone sounds like some good news, however the app also brings a few other goodies. Not to mention, we cannot help but smile just a little considering the folks at Tumblr rolled-out proper tablet support for Android before they offered an iPad version.