Organize your travel info in your Inbox with Trip Bundles

A few weeks ago, when Inbox by Gmail was opened to everyone, not just by invite, we told you about a certain new feature that will benefit those who travel a lot, either for business or for pleasure. The Trip Bundles in the app organizes all your travel info, including flights, hotel reservations, restaurant reservations, and other tour arrangements, all of which are in your email already. Now Google offers us a closer look at how this feature works and how it will benefit travelers.

Google Maps improves real-time transit info, adds more cities, countries

It used to be that map and navigation apps cater mostly to people who have cars or are driving or being driven around unfamiliar areas. But developers have been realizing that a lot of the people who need these kinds of services are commuters or people taking public transportation. Google Maps has been giving public transit information since 2007, but now they have vastly improved the service by giving you real-time transit conditions and adding more countries and cities covered.

Expedia update: book your activities and ground travel

When Expedia started back in the late 90s, its goal was simply to help book flights and hotels for travelers to different parts of the world. However, as things slowly went digital and traveling became one of the favorite hobbies of people, users started to look for things beyond hotel and plane booking. The newest update to their mobile app now includes other travel must-haves, like booking travel activities as well as your on-ground transport to wherever you are going.

Samsonite, Samsung partner to develop a smart suitcase

Bluesmart, the World’s First Smart Carry-On Luggage, probably inspired Samsonite to make a smart suitcase embedded with microchips. But unlike the Bluesmart which started as a concept on Indiegogo and is still in production, the possibility of this Samsung-powered Samsonite smart suitcase becoming a reality could happen sooner because of the two big companies backing this idea. Samsonite is also proven one of the best in the travel industry while Samsung is known for its tech and gadgets.

Airbnb finally optimizes mobile app for tablets

Popular home-sharing service Airbnb redesigned all their digital properties just over a year ago, but one thing that was missing was a mobile app for tablets. They had one for smartphones but it wasn't optimized for larger screens. That is, until now. They're finally introducing a tablet version of the app, all the better to view the beautiful photos of the homes for rent and to tempt users into visiting tourist destinations through easily scrollable pictures and features.

Moovit transit app brings a lot of improvements for Version 4.0

A lot of navigation apps currently in the market serve mostly those who are driving or who are riding cabs (or Uber for that matter). But what about those that ride mass transit transportation? It seems that developers are slowly realizing we need help too, and one of those apps that can help you maneuver your way around your city's trains, buses, or walking areas is Moovit. Version 4.0 has brought a lot of changes, not just to the interface but even its functionality.

Icon Q releases their first smartphone, the Q5.5

If you're looking for a dual SIM smartphone that is not locked to any carrier and has pretty decent specs, there are a lot of options out there. But if you're in the mood (and have the money) to try out an untested brand, we have just the thing for you. Icon Q, which is mostly known for mobile device accessories, has just announced that they are launching their first ever smartphone, the Q5.5, which they are billing as their travel super phone.

Microsoft opens up the Garage, employees working to improve on Android apps

Microsoft has opened up the Garage. Nope, the software giant isn’t showing off a collection of luxury cars and bikes. A new community of developers, musicians, hackers, artists, investors, and artists was started by Microsoft with the aim of coming together to share ideas and build new projects. The goal of the Microsoft Garage is to turn ideas into real endeavors while outsiders are given access so they can comment and give feedbacks and suggestions.

Bluesmart is the World’s First Smart Carry-On Luggage

The travel bug bit me. I’ll be going on a trip soon and I’m on the lookout for a new luggage because the last time I travelled, the airline lost my luggage. Boohoo. I never got it back. The only good news I received was that I was compensated immediately. If only I could get something geeky and techy such as this new Bluesmart luggage, I wouldn’t have any problem.

Google Now adds card to track lowest flight fares

You’ve been wanting to go to London for some time now, but just checking plane fares is a daunting and scary task. But you keep googling different airlines just to see if there will be any sudden lowering of fares to the other side of the pond. Google Now is making it easier for you by tracking the lowest rates, and giving you a card alert in the digital assistant when a lower cost flight becomes available.
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