Apple Store gains trademark while Google remains in the cloud

While Google seems intent on remaining in the cloud in terms of device sales, one thing has recently been made clear -- should they decide to go the retail route with stores of their own, they should not have them looking like an Apple Store. The reasoning here, Apple has recently been granted an official US trademark (from the USPTO) for their retail stores.

Samsung trademarks Galaxy Rush, Galaxy Amp, and Helm for future devices

In the usual Samsung fashion we are seeing three new trademark filings this week. This isn't really anything unusual because over the past few months we've seen tons and tons of these filings. Sometimes six at a time for Samsung, all being names for Galaxy devices. Today we have three new ones to add to our list while we wonder if they'll ever hit the shelves.

Samsung claims six new phone trademarks in the US

Here's a peek into Samsung's naming conventions for its new US phones. Fusible spotted no less than six new names floating around in the US Patent and Trademark Office: the Galaxy Forge, Galaxy Wield, Galaxy Mission, Galaxy Rivet, Galaxy Victory and the Lunge... which strangely goes without the Galaxy branding. There's no telling which phones these names allude to, but since Samsung's been pretty insistent upon keeping its Galaxy S branding intact since the second version, they probably aren't the Galaxy S III.

Samsung trademarks Galaxy Premier, Grand, and Next names

Samsung is no stranger to trademark filings. We saw four or so new trademarks for Galaxy devices earlier in the month and apparently they are at again before the month ends, and have just trademarked an additional three names. Samsung releases lots of smartphones in the high end range, and everywhere else. Today they've branded Galaxy Premier, Galaxy Grand, and Galaxy Next to their name.

Transformer Prime doesn’t infringe on Hasbro’s trademark, says judge

You'd have to be either really young or really out of touch with pop culture not to spot the similarities in the name of the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Prime and a certain group of autonomous robots. Transformers manufacturer Hasbro sure spotted it, and didn't take the unofficial association lightly: they sued ASUS over the name, presumably taking offense at the similarity to Transformers mainstay Optimus Prime and similar fictional characters. The International Business Times reports that a US federal judge ruled that there was no possibility of consumers being confused by the name, and thus denied a sales injunction.

Samsung files trademarks for the Galaxy Stellar, Emerge and Halo names

I don't know about you guys, but I'm ready to see the Samsung Galaxy S III. We've still been waiting for something official and have only heard rumors as of late but a recent trademark filing by Samsung might of just gave us all hope. Three trademark filings were just submitted for smartphone names Samsung to the United States Patent and Trademark Office -- I'm already wondering what these are.

Samsung trademarks four new Galaxy smartphone names

Ready to see yet another arm of Samsung's Galaxy? Apparently running low on letters, the South Korean manufacturer has trademarked a new series of product names, none of which we've seen before and all starting with their ever-present Galaxy moniker. The Galaxy Awaken, Galaxy Axiom, Galaxy Heir and Galaxy Rite are all on the books at the United States Patent and Trademark Office. That's a pretty good indication (but not a certainty) that we'll be seeing them pop up in the United States in the next few months.

Samsung trademark points to Android-powered Galaxy Camera

And you thought Samsung's Galaxy branding couldn't get more ubiquitous. According to SammyHub, Samsung has filed for a trademark on the term "Samsung Galaxy Camera" at the United States Patent and Trademark Office. There's really only one thing to take away from that: Samsung is either considering or already working on an Android-powered camera, at least tangentially related to its current smartphone lineup. Aside from the name filing, there's no technical information to go on.

Samsung Galaxy Sleek trademark app filed

Samsung has field for a new patent app that is grabbing for the name Samsung Galaxy Sleek. With the Galaxy Nexus set to launch in the next few weeks the Sleek may be the name of the follow up devices. The trademark app for the Sleek moniker is number 85480030 reports Fusible. The name will undoubtedly go with a new family of sleek and thin devices.
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