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Company attempts to enforce “Flappy” trademark pending approval

Soon the word "flappy" will have a different connotation altogether. Although the game that started it all has officially gone away, its legacy remains with sometimes ridiculous consequences. Now a company is trying to get game developers to drop their flappy names because it claims to own the trademark that it applied for just a month ago.

King crushes the competition by trademarking the name CANDY

Maybe they're just very cautious about protecting their brand. Or maybe their monumental success has finally gone to their heads. Whatever the reason maybe, game developer King of Candy Crush fame has filed for and, perhaps more shocking, has been granted the trademark not of "Candy Crush" but of the word "CANDY" itself.

Samsung trademarks Galaxy Premier, Grand, and Next names

Samsung is no stranger to trademark filings. We saw four or so new trademarks for Galaxy devices earlier in the month and apparently they are at again before the month ends, and have just trademarked an additional three names. Samsung releases lots of smartphones in the high end range, and everywhere else. Today they've branded Galaxy Premier, Galaxy Grand, and Galaxy Next to their name.

Is Xoom the Motorola Android tablet name?

If you want to find out what products major tech, firms are working on or toying around with before they announce anything, one of the best ways is to watch for patent applications and trademark filings. Those items will often give some hints at what is going on. The latest discovery using trademark apps comes from Motorola.

HTC files for “HTC EVO Shift 4G” trademark for new device

A new HTC trademark application has seemingly tipped the company's hand over the name of their next-gen 4G smartphone. A filing for "HTC EVO Shift 4G" has been spotted (as well as a prior one, for "HTC EVO 4G Shift"), though of course there's no indication of what might differentiate it from the current HTC EVO 4G on Sprint. Already there's talk, however, of it being some sort of HTC tablet or MID, or at least a large-screen device with a slide-out QWERTY keyboard. [via Engadget]

Google Denied Trademark on Android Nexus One

Reports are coming in today that the Patent and Trademark Office has rejected Google's request to trademark the name "Nexus One". The "Nexus One" moniker was ruled too similar to Integra Telecom's own registered trademark for its Nexus fixed bandwidth integrated voice and internet T1 product.