Speedo Shine lets swimmers, well, swim and shine with new wearable

There are a lot of wearables in the market that measure our fitness activities, but usually, they are all-in-ones. Rare is the product that focuses on just one fitness aspect, while also being flexible enough to include the others. Speedo Shine is one such gem, and it puts the spotlight this time on swimmers, as the wearable is “the world’s first activity, swim, and sleep tracker” that was designed specifically for those training or just exercising though water activities.

Misfit Flash Link: activity tracker, can be do-anything button too

Misfit is stepping up their wearable game as they have announced their new products, both hardware and software. The new Misfit Flash Link is just like your average activity tracker but it can be attached as an accessory to various parts of your body. It also comes with a built-in button that can be synced to various smart devices, if programmed through the Misfit Flash Link app, which acts like an IFTTT program.

Polar Loop 2 now includes smartphone notifications 

While their first iteration was strictly an activity tracker that aggregates all the daily activities you wanted to monitor, Polar Loop probably realized that in order to compete with the current wearables in the market, they needed to add something else to its features. The newly announced Polar Loop 2 now also includes smartphone notifications and vibration alerts, as well as more features and options for the users to choose from.

I’m Ok Mama is one app you’ll love but kids will hate

"I'm Ok Mama". These words are what most moms would like to hear from their kids and teenagers who have started to wander about the world. In this day and age, there's no reason for any child to lie about his location because mama will know. What will all the GPS trackers, devices, and apps available, it's gonna be hard now for anyone to hide.

Some apps quietly connect to outside URLs, ad-related and tracking sites

Admit it or not, Android is not exactly the most secure platform in the world. It's easily hackable as it is customizable. Google has been working hard to make it more secure than ever but genius hackers always outsmart some Android developers. While other mobile platforms are also not safe from attacks, Android is more prone to being compromised simply because there are more Android devices ready to be exploited anywhere on this planet.

Track your phone without Bluetooth or GPS with iTraq

By now, you've probably heard of the American digital journalist who lost his iPhone then became an instant celebrity in China when people started following his story and eventually tracked down the man who inadvertently became the new owner of his smartphone. But not all of us who misplace our phones will have that kind of luck. A new IndieGoGo campaign gives you the power to track your lost or stolen gadgets (and people too!), even if they're brough to another country or continent, as long as there are cell towers.

Instant 2.0 helps track physical and digital activities

Are you one of those people who love to track everything you do, both digitally and even in real life? Before, we used to log everything in a diary or on a word or excel file (if you're really that anal-retentive). But when smartphones started becoming smarter, we suddenly had an app for everything. You can track how many steps you took, how many calories you ate, how much time you spent on Facebook, how much time you spent staring at your smartphone, etc.

Tintag rechargeable item tracker hits Indiegogo

If you have ever lost something and spent lots of time searching your home or office for it when you were in a hurry, you know how helpful an item tracker can be. A new item tracker has turned up on Indiegogo and this device is called Tintag.

Duet tracks belongings, alerts when you leave phone behind

Are you the type of smartphone owner that loses track of their device? If so, you’ve likely heard of Tile, the little fob that helps to track your device. A similar device named Duet has become available, aiming to help you do the same thing — and for those of you likely reading this, it has one distinct advantage over the competition.

Google’s Project Tango: an experimental smartphone with 3D mapping

Google has announced Project Tango. In simple form, this is an experimental Android smartphone loaded with 3D sensors to map your world. The project comes by way of Google ATAP, aka, Advanced Technology and Projects and initially will be a limited run of just 200 units. These devices are intended for developers and are expected to be sent out by mid-March.
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