Android Community mini collectibles series 02 Giveaway Number 2

Win your very own Android toy like you see in essentially every single video we film - those happy little plastic robots that come in so very many different varieties. We've got a contest going on right this second in which you'll be able to win one, two, three, or even four sealed "blind" boxes of Android Mini Collectible Series 02 - aka the second of two sets, as sold out as the first set, this one containing a fabulous assortment including that cool little cupcake you see in the photo below.

Looking Forward to a Very Android Experience at CTIA 2011

Have a look, if you will, at the tiny sampling of the booty we beheld back at Mobile World Congress 2011 in Barcelona. It was there that we witness the real wave of Android coming forward to meet the world, there we saw one gigantic banner greeting us like a big smile, Androids of all shapes and sizes peeking around corners and growing teeth to chomp our eyes out, everything we could desire! It was a sea of green, indeed, and we're getting pumped up to do it all over again in a week, this time in Orlando - right here in the USA at CITA 2011!

DYZ Plastic Androids Series 2 [Release Date] [Final Reveals]

We've been covering the brand spanking new official DYZ Plastic Android toys series since it was very first whispered about, and today we've got an official release date! The first wave of DYZ's stock of this second series of Android toys will go on sale on Thursday night (tomorrow) at 11PM EST, then again on Friday (March 11th) at 11am EST and they're limited to 1 case per household. As you know, one case contains 16 pieces, which means you'll likely be able to get nearly a full set, but not certainly.

Android Community Big Fat Android Toy Giveaway #1 WINNERS

All you awesome folks who entered our very first Android Toy Giveaway can now see if you're one of the two lucky winners of the Second Series unopened boxes straight from Barcelona. This series is completely unreleased (at least in the overground market,) so this is the ONLY place you can currently grab one. People participating in this contest "proved" their fanhood of Android Community and the Android mobile OS in order to be entered, and lo and behold, we've got a couple of winners amongst us.

Android Toy Series 2 Secret Figure #2 [SPOILER]

I warn you again! Before you move forward in the reading of this post, I must tell you that the DYZ Plastic designer toy that you are about to lay eyes on is both super fantastically lovely to glance at and is extremely rare and sought after. And not only that, it's super secret! Normally, you'd only be able to see this secret little man if you were a collector of these toys, very much like if you were collecting a bunch of baseball cards and had no idea what the special rookie gold card was - we're spoiling it here!

Android Community Big Fat Android Toy Giveaway #1!

We know you love these little guys. Even if you wont admit it, even if you say you're an adult, a grown man or woman, for gosh sake, you'd never have such a little kid object sitting on your desk! But we know better. We love em, and you love em, and the one thing you like better than happening upon them in the store available for purchase is happening upon them here, not only before they're technically available to the public, but here free for the winning! It's an Android Community weekend contest!

Android Toy Series 2 Secret Figure #1 [SPOILER]

I warn you! Before you venture any further, be aware that the DYZ Plastic designer toy you are about to see is extremely cute, and definitely not for the weak or heart. Next let me warn you that this is one of the figures from series 2 of the official Google-licensed vinyl toys, and you might be ruining the surprise for yourself! Third, let me gloat in saying that we, or I, rather, have this toy before the series is even officially on sale yet! Hooray! Now let's get to peeking! And note that you could get your own courtesy of Android Community very soon!

Android Toy Pops up on The Big Bang Theory

The AndroidSphere is all a twitter about the Android Toy that popped up as a prop on a scene of the CBS sitcom "The Big Bang Theory."  But come on, iPhone pop culture references aside, could Sheldon Cooper be anything BUT an Android Fan?  It's robots after all!

Developer Programs Android Toy to Move, Send Morse Code

Take a peek at what intrepid explorer/hacker/developer/generally awesome dude by the name of Carsten has done with an official Android toy, the same kind we've got our eyes on today because of their second-series announcement. What Carsten has done is take the toy apart at the joints, filled it up with machine bits and pieces, and closed it back up, activating it to become a fully functional Android bent on world destruction via it's glowing, blinking eyes.
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