For the kids: Toys ‘R’ Us Reveals $200 Nabi tablet

Kids love smartphones and tablets. If you've ever taken your six-year-old to dinner and whipped out your smartphone, you know this to be true. The combination of a shiny gadget and a touchscreen is irresistible. But handing over $700 worth of HTC Jetstream to tiny hands that have been known to destroy anything that they can touch is a hard prospect indeed. Enter the Nabi, a safe, kid-friendly tablet from Toys 'R' Us designed to allow the youngins to have their fun while you keep your peace of mind.

Cute Cut the Rope star Om Nom goes plush and gets a comic

When it comes to game apps there are a bunch of them installed on my phone and tablet but I only ever play two of them - Angry Birds and Cut the Rope. My kids like Cut the Rope better and I always know when my daughter has the tablet because I hear her say, "AHHHHH! Eat it stupid monster!" everytime she misses. Om Nom, the green candy fiend from the game is going plush in September.

BlueDrone RC Nissan GTR is controlled by an Android app

I see many projects come across KickStarter and I will admit that most of them are rather boring items. I ran across one today that is really cool though. It reminds me of the AR.Drone only this thing is called the BlueDrone and it is a RC car not helicopter. Considering I like the GTR, RC stuff, and Android apps this is one of the coolest things I have seen in a long time.

Matt Waddell Starts the Android Day Off Scantastically

Just when you think we've seen enough of these little monsters (blasphemy!) we get a whole new way of peeking at them. A fellow by the name of Matt Waddell has appeared in our official Android Community Google+ feed* with images of our most beloved Android toys, some from the first sets that is, scanned with a flatbed scanner instead of photographed the way we've come to expect from our own best read reviews. Look at them! So very epic!

DYZ Plastic Android Toys Heroes and Villains Set Revealed

All you out there in Android land will be happy to know that DYZ Plastic has revealed their next step in the evolution of the Android plastic toy - Heroes and Villains! This is a set of four special edition Androids instead of previous sets of 10+ in blind boxes, each of these four new characters being released one at a time and at first exclusively at SDCC! The San Diego Comic Con is one place you can expect many such exclusive toys like these, though not many of them Android related - will you be traveling out to get yours or will you try your luck with the second run?

DYZPlastic Hints at Next Android Toy Series for Summer 2011

We know them and we LOVE them, the Android toy series from DYZPlastic and artist Andrew Bell - you see them every freaking day here on Android Community as we use them for our product reviews and more - plus we've got a custom Angry Android running around here too! Thusly whenever we get news that our pals at DYZPlastic are releasing new models, well, we get pretty pumped up. Todays revelation comes in the form of a graphic with a secret code underneath: CCI / 072111 / DKE4728 / 4D4D / 10USD. Can you "figure" it out?

King Kong Andy Takes on little Steve Jobs in New T-Shirt Design

Can you say #Winning (Yup a Charlie Sheen reference here at AC). This T-Shirt is just full of win, you must admit its pretty good when you actually look at it. This is an ongoing series of T-shirts from a guy named George Soto that has been making awesome shirts showing the Android vs Apple battle. First one was the Andy Versus shirt, then came the Unstoppable Andy and that pesky Steve Jobs trying to get him.

Developer Android Toy Included in Fabulous Dead Zebra Moving Auction

Oh my goodness would you look at that, one of the rarest (and some of the MOST RARE) Android figures from the official source are up for auction today. The one mentioned in the title of this post is certainly the most rare of the production-size-run Androids on the market, that being a series of 300, a Developer Android only given out to official Android personnel! That and a handful of other rarities and awesome bits including signed figures are up for auction on ebay now, direct from the folks that kindly bring you these Android figures, Angry Zebra!

Android Community mini collectibles series 02 Giveaway Number 2

Win your very own Android toy like you see in essentially every single video we film - those happy little plastic robots that come in so very many different varieties. We've got a contest going on right this second in which you'll be able to win one, two, three, or even four sealed "blind" boxes of Android Mini Collectible Series 02 - aka the second of two sets, as sold out as the first set, this one containing a fabulous assortment including that cool little cupcake you see in the photo below.
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