Get your very own Android family with this Bot Collection [DEALS]

We all love Android, right? After all, we are Android Community. But sometimes, we want a reminder of our love in more places aside from our mobile device or devices. Sometimes, we want to see a reminder of our great love and passion on our desks, cabinets, shelves, and everywhere else. Or maybe we're just really young at heart and we want some silly looking Android mascots to grace our desks. If you said "yes" to any or all of those, then this Android Bot Collection Bundle offer is perfect for you.

Tinkerplay allows you to create 3D printed toys, action figures

You remember the days when you had to wait until you’ve saved enough cash just to buy that G.I. Joe action figure you’ve been looking at the whole summer? I know I remember. Well, there might just be only a few ways that today’s time is better for kids than our time before, but the new Tinkerplay app will surely classified as one of those “better” things.

Your venerable View-Master, resurrected using smartphones

Mattel and Google want to bring back your childhood memories by dragging that old school favorite – the View-Master – straight to the 21st century. By collaborating with Google Cardboard, the toy company is banking on the emotional and nostalgic appeal of the old toy and producing a modern version of it. Of course, this time you need a smartphone to go with it.

Toys “R” Us Tabeo e2 tablet launched with loads of fun for kids

As we've observed, children seem to be the new frontier for tablet manufacturers, which seems to be confirmed by Toys "R" Us announcing the successor to its child-friendly tablet line, the Tabeo e2. Filled with apps for kids, the Tabeo e2 improves on its older sibling, promising to give an upgraded computing experience for children to enjoy.

Dead Zebra introduces new “Rainbow” Android collectible set

Android collectors are a hardcore bunch, and when it comes to the little Android guy itself, they simply can't get enough. For those who are looking for a more "vibrant" Android collection, Dead Zebra has introduced a new Rainbow set of him, which includes a figurine of him in 10 different and exciting colors. Crack your piggy bank, rob a bank, and mug the elderly; it's time to pick one up.

Toy Story: Smash It! game arrives for Android

If you're a fan of the popular Toy Story series, you'll be happy to know that your favorite toys are back for an all-new game on Android and iOS. It's called Toy Story: Smash It! and this new puzzler action game aims to keep you busy for hours. Buzz Lightyear and all of his friends are back for some fun. More details and the launch trailer can be seen below.

Android Collectible figures now available from local retailers, get them today

Who loves Android? If you'd like to show your spirit or simply love the Andrew Bell Collectible Android series we have some excellent news. Previously these were only limited edition toys that sold out in minutes but it appears they are about to go big. They've announced the Open Big Box Edition series 1 today that will be available in large retailers around the country instead of only online.

Dead Zebra Android Collectible Series 3 designs leak

Well folks, the Dead Zebra Android Collectible figures have leaked this weekend. What we have here is a picture showing what to expect from series 3 by Andrew Bell and friends. The first two series were extremely popular, sometimes selling out in a matter of minutes. Now we all know what to expect I have a feeling these will go even faster (if real). This is round three and I'm already eying that Google Inc "Nexus" collectible -- I want it now!

Tankbot lets you control tiny desktop warfare via your Android device

You're never too old to enjoy the simple pleasure of remote control toys. And the tiny, cheap remote cars and helicopters that have sprung up in the last couple of years are no exception - plus, they're great for driving pets nuts. If you'd like to integrate your remote-controlled fun with your unabashed Android nerdiness, Desk Pets has you covered with their new Tankbot. The tiny plastic robots can operate independently, or be directly controlled via your smartphone.
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