tower defense

Epic Dragons turns the table, makes players defend dragons

Crescent Moon Games, who has given Android titles such as Ravensword Shadowlands and Aralon Sword and Shadow, are back with another game called Epic Dragons. Mighty and epic as that may sound, this game is anything but. The dragons are not ferocious beasts but cute cel-shaded ones. And the gameplay isn't entirely epic but a tower defense with a slight twist. In this game, you get to be the one that plans out how these dragons will defend themselves against pitiful humans that want to hunt them down.

Anomaly Defenders: proper tower defense game with a twist

Fans of the Anomaly "reverse tower defense" franchise might feel a bit sad that this will be the last title in that series. Worry not, though, as it will be going out with a bang. Or actually multiple bangs. Surprisingly, 11 bit studios made this last installment into a "real" tower defense game, but still managed to put an interesting twist: this time, you get to fight for the enemy.

Toy Defense update adds 12 new Christmas levels

Those Tower Defense games sure can be addicting, especially once you beat the entire game and go through it again on hard mode. For all the tower defense fans on Android we have a neat little game for everyone to try. It's called Toy Defense and they bring the real war to toys. This week they've updated their popular game with 12 new Christmas themed levels.

Meltdown On Mars THD: Tower defense action shooter coming this month

If you want to see the latest and greatest games coming to Android a good place to look is NVIDIA's Tegra Zone. While we first saw Meltdown on Mars back in late November last year the developers have been working hard and making huge progress to make this Tegra 2 and Tegra 3 exclusive game come to Android. Latest updates from NVIDIA show this awesome action-packed tower defense game is set to launch this month, and we can't wait to try it out.