Some Samsung handsets vulnerable to factory wipe hack

It looks like there's bad news on the Samsung front today, as it's been discovered by security researchers that a single line of malicious code can factory wipe a handful of Samsung smartphones. This means that clicking on a link can automatically trigger your phone to wipe itself with no warning and no way to stop it. The exploit was detailed at the Ekoparty security conference using a simple USSD code. It can be sent from a website or be pushed to the phone with NFC, as well as be triggered by a QR code.

Galaxy S III TouchWiz ported to Galaxy S II and Note

There's no denying the Galaxy S III is an awesome phone. One of the things that impressed us during our hands-on was the user interface. Samsung's new TouchWiz UX is as impressive as ever, stable, and extremely smooth. While waiting for the phone to be released we now have an early taste for a few lucky Samsung owners. When S-Voice and the full ROM was leaked developers started work on a port, and today we have just that.

Samsung Galaxy S III hands-on with TouchWiz

You can never get too much of the new Samsung Galaxy S III right? Announced last week and detailed in full with all of our hands-on coverage today we have even more to show you guys. While enjoying our time in New Orleans for CTIA 2012 we stopped by Samsung to get a second look. Below we have some hands-on specifically showing the software and TouchWiz side of things such as facial recognition in the photo gallery, as well as the new screen unlock features and more.

Samsung Galaxy Y and Galaxy Y Pro Revealed [Video]

Two devices at the bottom of the price scale delivered to the public today via a specs list and press images are the Samsung Galaxy Y (Y for Young) and the Galaxy Y Pro. Something to note here is that Y for Young means those getting into the smartphone game or just those literally young of age - certainly this has nothing to do with Jay-Z who is also known as Young - keep that in mind. What you're getting here are two lovely looking bottom-of-mid-range devices made by Samsung to bring people into the Android fold on their TouchWiz interface so they'll love it so much they'll never go back. Will the Y do it?

Samsung Galaxy M Pro and Galaxy W Revealed [video]

There's a whole lotta Samsung going on today, and it's certainly not all up there in the clouds. What we just revealed not 10 minutes ago was a list of new Samsung devices that included the Galaxy R, W, M, Y, and of course S. A couple of these we already knew about, the rest we're going through here one by one. In addition to the post you're in right now exploring the Samsung Galaxy W, aka the Samsung Galaxy Wonder, a High-Tier device, you're going to get a brief look at a device which you'll quickly realize is a real oddity - the Samsung Galaxy M Pro.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 It’s Time to Tab Video Competition Winner Announced [Video]

What you're about to see is the final winner in a video creation competition hosted by Samsung in which creative people were asked to create an ad spot for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. In return they'd receive fabulous prizes, and so they shall. This first place winner shows a video in which the Galaxy Tab 10.1 floats around the screen and a narrator (likely the creator himself) speaks several words in an epic manner: My World … Sharper, Lighter, Faster, and all in one place! Samsung Galaxy Tab… it's everything!

Samsung TouchWiz UX Review [Galaxy Tab 10.1]

Today we've got our Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Wi-Fi version hooked up with the newest version of what Samsung has dubbed TouchWiz UX. This is Samsung's custom user interface and the first "official" user interface made on top of Google's Android Honeycomb (version 3.1 right here right now.) This user interface reflects what the Samsung Galaxy S II is using with TouchWiz 4.0 with several enhancements that are unique to tablets. The big question on a lot of people's minds today (if they own a Galaxy Tab 10.1 that is,) is "should I upgrade?" Let's see if we can't answer that question in a healthy deep dive review.

Samsung TouchWiz UX Rolling out to Galaxy Tab 10.1 This Friday

Since we first heard about and saw with our own eyes the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 (and it's smaller brother the 8.9) we've wondered when we'd be able to get our hands on this fantastic tablet with its most excellent version of Samsung's TouchWiz interface yet, this one made specifically for tablets. The release of the 10.1 tablet is here, the device available separately as a Wi-Fi only unit or as a 4G LTE version at Verizon, but thus far we've only been using a near-stock version of Android 3.1 Honeycomb. What Samsung's got prepared for this Friday is an optional upgrade to Samsung's TouchWiz UX, the same (or very similar) to what we saw back at our first glance at CTIA 2011.

Samsung Says TouchWiz Update for Galaxy Tab 10.1 is “Coming Soon.” Tells What’s in Store

In order to launch its Galaxy Tab 10.1 with the latest and greatest version of Honeycomb (3.1), Samsung had to delay its planned TouchWiz UI overlay. To some purists, myself included, this was great news, but some people enjoy the benefits manufacturer skins bring. If you happen to be one of the latter as well as the owner of a Galaxy Tab 10.1, Samsung promises TouchWiz is coming soon and has delivered some details on what to expect with the update.
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