TouchWiz 4.0

Samsung TouchWiz UX Rolling out to Galaxy Tab 10.1 This Friday

Since we first heard about and saw with our own eyes the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 (and it's smaller brother the 8.9) we've wondered when we'd be able to get our hands on this fantastic tablet with its most excellent version of Samsung's TouchWiz interface yet, this one made specifically for tablets. The release of the 10.1 tablet is here, the device available separately as a Wi-Fi only unit or as a 4G LTE version at Verizon, but thus far we've only been using a near-stock version of Android 3.1 Honeycomb. What Samsung's got prepared for this Friday is an optional upgrade to Samsung's TouchWiz UX, the same (or very similar) to what we saw back at our first glance at CTIA 2011.

TouchWiz 4 ported to Samsung Galaxy S

The gang at XDA can't be stopped. This time, taking TouchWiz 4 and they've ported it to the Samsung Galaxy S. Now before you think, "oh cool, I've been wanting to do the whole rooting ROM thing," give it a second thought. The average user just cutting their teeth on custom ROMs may want to stay clear or at least wait on this one, it's not for the faint of heart.

Samsung Galaxy S II Hands-On

We've been given the opportunity to take a hands-on peek behind the scenes at Samsung with a fully functional Samsung Galaxy S II phone running Android 2.3.1 with TouchWiz 4.0 over the top. In addition to the hands-on video we've got here, we've also got a demonstration of some of the more fun gesture-based elements in TouchWix 4.0 [as presented by] our main homie Philip Berne. The Samsung Galaxy S II handset is an impressive device - one that I mistakenly call the thinnest device in Samsung's line of phones.*