Motorola Milestone XT720 Hits the Shelves of Cincinnati Bell

The Motorola Milestone XT720 is a talked about device. It features a 3.7-inch FWVGA 854x480 multitouch capacitive touchscreen display, has a 720MHz TI OMAP3440 processor under the hood, and is running Android 2.1 for good measure. And while there had been plenty of talk about the handset landing on major wireless carriers around the globe, there was probably no hint at Cincinnati Bell ever being on the list. Guess we would have been wrong.

Samsung Captivate and Vibrant Launching on Rogers and Bell Respectively

No surprises here, folks. Though, it is a bit strange to see that the Captivate and Vibrant are the options being sent up to the Great North, and not the international version of the Galaxy S. It must have something to do with the 3G bands, and how they don't have to work too hard to make them work on the Northern wireless carriers. In any event, both the Vibrant and Captivate are making their way up to Canada -- this month.

Samsung Galaxy S Heads to Brazil, Brings Digital TV Along for the Ride

Another day, another announcement regarding a Galaxy S device. We're not saying that we're getting tired of seeing it -- that'd be impossible with that screen -- but it's definitely getting kind of ridiculous. Samsung's making sure to go to extreme lengths to make sure that everyone has the option of purchasing this device. That certainly won't hurt Android's numbers, that's for sure. There's a big difference with this device, though, which is a good thing.

Archos 32 Media Player Now Available to Pre-Order

Archos is putting a lot of faith into Android, as we've seen from plenty of their "tablets" (better known as Mobile Internet Devices, perhaps). So, when we finally see the Archos 32 make its way to pre-order status (after just being unveiled, in the Gen8 category of devices, mind you), with its 3.2-inch touchscreen and Android goodness, we find ourselves at a strange middlepoint. To get excited, or to not get excited, that is the question.

ASUS Eee Pad EP101TC to get Android instead of Windows Embedded

ASUS has apparently decided to ditch Windows 7 Embedded on their Eee Pad EP101TC and replace it with Android.  The 12.2mm thick touchscreen slate was launched at Computex earlier this year, with a 10-inch display and 675g chassis; according to NetbookNews, ASUS' original plan to use Microsoft's cut-down embedded version of Windows 7 has been dumped in favor of Google's open-source OS. The actual version of the Android OS used is unclear.  ASUS are said to be waiting for Android 3.0 Gingerbread to arrive before announcing their next crop of devices at CES 2011 in January next year, and claim the company is using 2.2 Froyo for their prototype but will likely ship with 3.0.  3G versions are also tipped.

SmartDevices SmartQ T7 and T7-3G Android 2.1 tablets debut

SmartDevices are no strangers to Android tablets, and the company has just outed its latest two models.  The SmartDevices SmartQ T7 and SmartQ T7-3G each run Android 2.1 on a 7-inch touchscreen, with the latter model also throwing in 3G connectivity (in various flavors). According to SmartDevices, both support up to 1080p HD video thanks to a 720MHz ARM11 processor and 3D hardware graphics acceleration.  There'a also a 4,700mAh battery and WiFi, though while the Android Market is shown on the screenshots we're not 100-percent certain whether either tablet will actually get access to the marketplace. The SmartQ T7 is unpriced at present, but SmartDevices has confirmed that the CDMA EVDO version of the SmartQ T7-3G will be 1,880 Yuan ($278) while the WCDMA SmartQ T7-3G will be 1,980 Yuan ($292).  No word on release dates at this stage. [via iTechNewsNet]

Two Acer Android 2.2 tablets due Q4 2010?

Acer's 7-inch Android tablet will get a larger sibling device, a 10-inch version, according to notebook sources speaking to DigiTimes.  Both units will run Android 2.2 - complete with Adobe Flash support - on ARM chipsets, and be focused on multimedia use; that will allow Acer to continue to push their own dedicated ereader products (shown below) with minimal overlap. The two Android tablets will each have integrated 3G connectivity, and Acer is tipped to be in discussion with carriers with regards not just the data backbone but marketing the products.  That could indicate subsidized pricing when they each arrive in Q4 2010.

Motorola CHARM gets official: hits T-Mobile USA this summer

After a number of leaks, Motorola has officially announced its latest Android smartphone, the Motorola CHARM.  Headed to the US exclusively to T-Mobile, the CHARM is a full-QWERTY candybar running Android 2.1 with Motorola's own MOTOBLUR social networking integration. Above the QWERTY thumbboard is a 2.8-inch touchscreen, while on the back is a 3-megapixel camera that's paired with Kodak "Perfect Touch" processing technology.  There's also a trackpad on the rear of the CHARM, used for navigation as on the Motorola BACKFLIP.  All the usual Android apps are in place - together with Android Market access - and there's CrystalTalk noise processing. No word on pricing, but the Motorola CHARM will drop on T-Mobile USA this coming summer. [gallery] Press Release: Motorola Announces its Newest Device with MOTOBLUR™: Motorola CHARM™ Exclusively for T-Mobile USA, Motorola CHARM packs smartphone features and social graces into a pocketable design with Android™ 2.1 and MOTOBLURTM enhancements July 07, 2010 Libertyville, Ill. — July 7, 2010 —Motorola (NYSE: MOT) today announced the upcoming availability of Motorola CHARM™, a touch screen smartphone that packs a social networking punch with Android™ 2.1, MOTOBLURTM enhancements, a compact design and a BACKTRACK™ feature that makes screen navigation even more intuitive. Motorola CHARM is expected to be available this summer exclusively in the U.S. for customers of T-Mobile USA, Inc. “Motorola strives to provide an increased customizable user experience, which is enabled by our latest enhancements to MOTOBLUR and featured on the new Motorola CHARM,” said Jean Pierre Le Cannellier, vice president, Americas Marketing, Motorola Mobile Devices. “Combine that with a compact design, easy handling and all the features you would expect from a smartphone, and we believe that CHARM with MOTOBLUR adds the social ability and workability consumers are looking for.” Motorola CHARM provides consumers all the features of a smartphone with the intuitive navigation of a 2.8 inch touch screen – all in a compact, pocketable design that makes messaging a snap using the combination of a full QWERTY keyboard and touch screen. The BACKTRACK navigation pad, located on the back of the smartphone directly behind the home screen, is similar to a laptop touch panel and enables an unobstructed view of the Web, texts, e-mails and news feeds. Plus, with Android 2.1 and enhanced MOTOBLUR features, CHARM offers new customization and filtering options. “Being social with friends and family comes naturally for T-Mobile customers, and we think mobilizing their social experiences should be effortless,” said Saj Sahay, director of product management, T-Mobile USA. “With the new Motorola CHARM and enhancements to the Android and MOTOBLUR experience, we’re bringing more social skills to our broad portfolio of Android-powered smartphones.” Motorola CHARM will be the first device in the U.S. to feature an enhanced version of MOTOBLUR built on Android 2.1, which syncs contacts, posts, messages, photos and much more in easy to manage streams — from sources such as Facebook®, MySpace, Twitter™, Gmail™, work and personal e-mail. MOTOBLUR now allows for even greater customization, providing users more options to follow who and what really matters. MOTOBLUR filters can be selected from a single social networking account, contacts, group or messaging account so that users can select only the information they want to stream live to the Happenings and Messages widgets. Users can move and resize pre-loaded home screen widgets to personalize up to seven home screen panels for an even more custom experience. Lastly, consumers can manage their phone’s battery consumption by selecting different power modes to conserve battery. Contacts in MOTOBLUR are automatically synced to the phone from personal and work e-mail and social network accounts. MOTOBLUR will continue to provide convenience and peace of mind, as lost devices can be located from a secure personal information portal and even remotely erased if necessary. In addition, one user name and password brings back contacts, messages and connectivity to previously configured networks and e-mail providers. Last, but not least, Moto Phone Portal enables you to access and manage your phone’s data from any browser through a USB or Wi-Fi connection. Edit content and view important phone information while at home or on-the-go. Leave pictures on a friend’s PC, share a video at the local Internet café or share a presentation during an important business meeting. Additional features on Motorola CHARM include: Adobe® Flash® enabled Web browsing experience to view most of today’s content-rich sites Full suite of Google™ services including: Google Search™, Google Maps™, Gmail™ and access to thousands of apps on Android Market™ Pinch to zoom functionality and two-finger swipe to easily surf the Web and sort through photos Capture sharp photos with a 3MP camera and KODAK PERFECT TOUCH technology for better, brighter pictures One-touch social media uploads to Facebook®, MySpace, PicasaTM and PhotoBucket® CrystalTalkTM PLUS for enhanced audio and call quality with a second microphone for increased voice quality while filtering out background noise Corporate email pushed immediately to the device for instant inbox updates Availability Motorola CHARM with MOTOBLUR is expected to be available exclusively to T-Mobile USA customers this summer. For more information on Motorola CHARM with MOTOBLUR, please visit here. To view images please visit here.

QWERTY-toting HTC Vision leaks: Desire with a keyboard)

A new HTC smartphone has been spotted in the wild, and answering the prayers of many it's a hardware QWERTY device running Android.  The handset - believed to be the HTC Vision first described back in May - has a 3.7-inch touchscreen, 1GHz processor and a slide-out QWERTY 'board, and was caught by There's also HTC's Sense UI and a large optical trackpad.  We're guessing they keyboard layout isn't finalised, as some of the function keys show generic icons rather than specific links to apps as they normally might.  According to the earlier leaks, the HTC Vision will basically be the HTC Desire with a physical keyboard, not something we'd be disappointed in seeing whatsoever. [via Engadget]

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab P1000 gets video demo

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 7-inch tablet has broken cover again, this time starring in a brief and blurry video.  Labelled as the Galaxy Tab P1000, the tablet has different controls to the previously pictured version - touch-sensitive keys rather than a physical D-pad - and appears to be running some form of TouchWiz on what is said to be a Super AMOLED display. Samsung are tipped to have several tablets in the pipeline for 2010; this particular example is said to run Android 2.2 on a 1.2GHz processor with 16GB of onboard storage and a microSD card slot. [youtube ZklPmnDfwNk] [via SlashGear and via OLED-Info]
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