OnePlus ready to deal with touchscreen issues, firmware update soon

According to OnePlus, there was a sharp increase in users experiencing touchscreen issues in the past few days. This has caused a minor uproar in the always active OnePlus forums. There might just be a few owners of the OnePlus One compared to other brands, but they sure know how to make themselves heard. Good thing OnePlus knows how listen to their users.

Acer C720P touchscreen Chromebook now official

Confirming an earlier rumor, Acer has officially unveiled the C720P Chromebook -- with touchscreen display. As the C720 in the name suggests, this latest Acer branded Chromebook is another in the growing lineup. And aside from being multi-touch capable, the display measures in at 11.6-inches and sits with a resolution of 1377 x 768. Perhaps the key here, Acer has the C720P paired with what seems to be an attractive price point.

Google Chromebook Pixel leaks with retina-like touchscreen

The folks from Google have been pushing their Chromebooks pretty hard lately. With options of any shape and size available from multiple laptop manufacturers including Samsung. However, it looks like Google will soon be taking matters into their own hands (think CR-48) and releasing their own device rumored to be the Google Chromebook Pixel. There's a neat video and some pictures that have leaked sharing all types of information.

Samsung postpones production of flexible AMOLED screens

Flexible AMOLED touch screens might be the next big thing in smartphone technology, but sadly, it looks like we'll be waiting a bit longer for their arrival. Samsung is reportedly delaying the production of its flexible AMOLED screens due to issues with yields. Since Samsung has been aggressively pursuing these new screens, it stands to reason that we won't see these flexible screens featured in smartphones until Samsung can sort out its production issues.

DynaFlo LIQUID-ARMOR nano technology screen protection available now

If you're the type that likes to protect your investment when it comes to your smartphone or tablet we have something just for you. Surely many of you all use screen protectors, but I'm personally not a fan. There are tons of products out there, but DynaFlo has something that is completely invisible. This isn't your regular screen protector film.

Nexus 7 suffering from screen defects and separation

The brand new Nexus 7 tablet from Google and ASUS is a mighty fine tablet. Especially considering it only runs users $199 for such an awesome device. We love ours and you can see for yourself in our full review. Sadly it appears that like many products, a few users are having defects from manufacturing. We are hearing multiple reports that the Nexus 7 screen is separating from the body, or lifting up causing it to creak a little.
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